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Christmas Evans

Christmas Evans was a Welsh nonconformist minister, described as "the greatest preacher that the Baptists have ever had in Great Britain."

December 25, 1766 - July 19, 1838

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Abide Acceptance Added Almighty Annual Apparently Blessings Book Calmness Care Hide All Chickens Church Commit Conversation Converts Dangers Deliver Dreadful Energy English Experience Facility Family Fear Feel Feelings Felt Grant Great Hide House Hundred Increased Learn Left Life Loved Ministry Obtained Past Peace Pension Perfect Perfect Peace Perform Places Poor Poor Man Poverty Power Preaching Private Protection Public Read Remember Renewed Royal Royal Family Safety Shadow Shelter Singular Spirit Strive Twenty Two Years Vain Wings Word Work Years Zeal Less More Hide All See All
Grant that I may experience the power of Thy Word before I deliver it. — © Christmas Evans
Grant that I may experience the power of Thy Word before I deliver it.
I felt great calmness and perfect peace. I had the feelings of a poor man who has just come under the protection of the Royal Family, and has obtained an annual pension for life-the dreadful fear of poverty and want having left his house for ever; I felt the safety and shelter which the little chickens feel under the wings of the hen. This is what it is to abide under the shadow of the Almighty, and to hide under His wings until all dangers are past.
Now, apparently strengthened as by a new spirit, with "might in the inner man," he labored with renewed energy and zeal; and new and singular blessings descended upon his labors. In two years, his ten preaching places in Anglesea were increased to twenty, and six hundred converts were added to the church under his immediate care.
Always have a book to read, instead of indulging in vain conversation. Strive to learn English....Remember this, that you cannot commit some loved sin in private, and perform the work of the ministry in public, with facility and acceptance.
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