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Explore popular quotes and sayings by a French businessman Christophe de Margerie.
Christophe de Margerie

Christophe de Margerie was a French businessman. He served as the chairman and chief executive officer of French oil corporation Total S.A.

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Can we live without Russian gas in Europe? The answer is no. Are there any reasons to live without it? I think - and I'm not defending the interests of Total in Russia - it is a no.
We have to be careful because if one day the world is short of energy, it will be our responsibility. Everybody will ask Total, 'Why don't you have more oil?'
I'd be more than delighted to go find energy in Club Med. But we've tried and did not find it. — © Christophe de Margerie
I'd be more than delighted to go find energy in Club Med. But we've tried and did not find it.
People say they are inventing electric cars. Well, where is the electricity coming from? Flowers? Maybe someday. But what is available now is oil and gas.
It is our duty as states, citizens, and industry leaders to make the energy transition a reality with the ultimate aim of reconciling two major priorities: to meet ever-increasing demand and to confront the complex issue of climate change.
It is not oil or the environment, it is oil and the environment. We are living in the same world. We are not enemies.
The energy transition demands a clear vision of the steps that need to be taken and a stable, meaningful regulatory framework. It appears important to us to awaken public opinion to the fact that this transition will necessarily come at a cost and will, at least in the short term, involve a price increase.
Today's energy mix is the result of yesterday's consumer habits, considerable investment, and various political decisions. The potential of renewable energies, now a well-established fact, is undeniable if given the time to arrive at the technical and economic maturity that will free them from subsidization policies.
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