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Christopher Allsopp

Christopher Allsopp is a British economist. He was Director of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies from 2006-2013, is Emeritus Fellow of New College, Oxford, and a Reader in Economic Policy at the University of Oxford.

Born: April 6, 1941

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Advantage Blade Blasting Blow Boat Breaking Bring Clear Coach Daily Hide All Dock Early Every Morning Fast Fellas Forward Give Goal Grasp Hear High Inevitably Kind Listen Load Make Margins Mind Morning Night Nuts Point Power Princeton Pull Race Routine Rowing Seeking Settle Squeeze Stay Stopped Stroke Tall Today Up Early Void Water Less More Hide All See All
Don't blow your load on the first stroke, fellas.
Race for the pschological advantage. Sit up tall, pull in high, stay within the margins of power, and they will inevitably look over at some point to see what kind of God is blasting your boat forward.
The settle, followed by 10 for power will give you that grasp on their nuts that you need. Once you've got that, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and squeeze and don't ever let up! You'll just be breaking 1500 meters down when you hear them yelp. Listen for the yelp, and then bring it into the dock.
What's Princeton doing today?
I think that's why I coach.. I used to get up early every morning with a clear goal in mind of how fast I was going to be. When I stopped rowing, there was a void in my daily routine. Now I go to bed at night and get up morning with a clear goal in mind of how fast you are going to be.
Make your blade a water-seeking missle — © Christopher Allsopp
Make your blade a water-seeking missle
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