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Christopher Bailey

Christopher Paul Bailey CBE is a British fashion designer who was president and chief creative officer of Burberry. In May 2014, he took up the role of chief creative officer and president, following the departure of former CEO Angela Ahrendts. In February 2018, he was succeeded as chief creative officer by Riccardo Tisci.

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My dad is a carpenter, a joiner, and I used to watch him make things. So I always imagined that I'd do something where I made things, too. I was really more interested in architecture growing up because I would work with my dad on houses.
I love the creative process of the research, development, but I love also when it comes to reality, it has to be an experience. I don't care if it is an experience while you are trying something on, whether you are in a physical place, or whether you are online kind of playing, I love that you can create stories and atmospheres wherever you are.
We meet so many people, and it's interesting when you meet someone who you really connect with. They have their own energy, their own personality, and that is something so different than just beauty. So that really drives the decision for who to work with on a campaign.
I love the fact that I work with everything that has to do with the brand, the product, the environment, the online, the architecture, the web design, because I am somebody that loves making things, making experiences, creating things that people love to engage with.
The British Fashion Awards are also very important because it's my hometown. But it's really a recognition of my team, and those awards give me an opportunity to thank them in a formal way. You and I have worked together enough to know that it really isn't about two people. It's a whole team. And so it's great to acknowledge that you never do anything alone.
I love fashion, I love architecture and I love image making so if I can, I would put all these three in one pot. — © Christopher Bailey
I love fashion, I love architecture and I love image making so if I can, I would put all these three in one pot.
It's brilliant to get recognition. The CFDA was magic because it's such a big award in our industry. There's nothing more flattering than being honored by your peers.
It's really important to be disruptive and do things that actually are kind of a little scary and bold.
It is the clash of two different worlds that makes British-ness unique - we have an aristocratic, noble history, but it is always contrasted with something rebellious.
Obviously, for me, that person has got to have a beauty to them - and it's not always physical beauty. It's important that I love someone's character and that I click with it.
I think we're in a quiet time right now. luxury can be in the fit.
So fashion was, in a way, an accident. But this world opens you up to a lot of different avenues that interested me. I loved the idea of working in different countries. And I loved the idea of construction and working with imagery. But, yes, I fell into fashion a bit by mistake.
Burberry is now as much a media-content company as we are a design company...
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