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Christopher Cokinos

Christopher Cokinos is an American poet and writer of nonfiction on nature and the environment.

American - Poet | Born: 1963

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Added Altogether Amazement American Appeared Astounded Began Begun Bird Brings Hide All Carolina Chased Chimera Contented Curiosity Dedication Deepest Dinosaurs Epic Existence Experienced Extinct First Time Forgetting Forgotten Found Green Hawk Heard Histories I Realized Identify Intelligent Intelligent People Journey Knew Learned Leave Long Losing My Journey Names North North America North American Orange People Place Planet Reach Read Realized Regret Return Simply Small Sparrows Species Spoke Stunning Suppose Surprise Surprise Me Survey Time Tomorrow Touch Vivacious Wander Wilderness Wonderful Yellow Less More Hide All See All
Later, I learned that our forgetting of the parakeet had begun even before the species was extinct.
This is the planet teeming, this place we’ve come to and will leave tomorrow, deepened for the long return but not the wedded reach, the losing touch of self to self, contented more or less and known not nearly well enough.
Time is the deepest wilderness in which we wander. — © Christopher Cokinos
Time is the deepest wilderness in which we wander.
Curiosity began my journey, which led to regret, which brings me always to wonder and dedication.
I read, for the first time, of the Carolina Parakeet-a North American parakeet whose green, yellow and reddish-orange plumage appeared vivacious and altogether quite wonderful. As stunning as I found the hawk-chased conures, this bird astounded me even more. That the Carolina Parakeet was extinct simply added to my amazement.
That I had never heard of such a bird did not surprise me.... But others more experienced also did not know of the Carolina Parakeet. The more I spoke of the bird, the more it seemed that, somehow, its existence had been a chimera. Admittedly, my survey was small and unscientific, but intelligent people who could reel off the names of various dinosaurs and identify sparrows at epic distances could not name the forgotten parakeet. I realized, forcefully, what I suppose I knew abstractly: Histories, like species, can go extinct.
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