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Christopher Heyerdahl

Christopher Heyerdahl is a Canadian actor who portrayed Alastair in Supernatural, the Wraith Todd in Stargate Atlantis, Sam in Van Helsing, "Swede" in Hell on Wheels, and Marcus in The Twilight Saga.

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Ability Absolutely Accent Agent Alive America Asked Blood Budget Burden Hide All Call Call Me Changing Chaos Constantly Create Degrees Dreadful Episode Equalizer Father Feature Find First Generation Friends Generation Germans Gift Great Greatest Greatest Love Hockey Hockey Player Horrible Humidity Humor Ironic Life Life-Changing Lifetime Light Live Lost Louisiana Love Mother Mother Nature My Friends My Own Life Nature Norway Norwegian Norwegians Occupation Parents People Player Publicity Richness Second World War Sense Shooting Speaks Specific Stir Swedish Things Times Travel True True Blood Tuned Vampire Warmth Witnessed Wonderful World World War Less More Hide All See All
Norway was occupied by the Germans in the Second World War, and I've met a lot of people who had to live through that occupation in varying degrees.
Certainly, anyone whom I've witnessed, who has gone through something horrible and life-changing, has a sense of ironic humor, or an ability to look at the peculiarities of the world and find humor in it.
Well, I have a Norwegian father who emigrated to America in the 1950s, and he still speaks with varying degrees of an accent. Over my lifetime my ear has been well-tuned to that accent. Any first generation kid has that wonderful gift from their parents.
Fandom can keep something alive, and fandom can take it down. — © Christopher Heyerdahl
Fandom can keep something alive, and fandom can take it down.
Mother Nature is the great equalizer. You can't get away from it.
I'm an absolutely dreadful hockey player.
My friends would certainly call me out if I didn't say that I like to create a bit of chaos and stir things up in my own life.
Louisiana has got a very specific warmth and humidity and richness of light.
Whenever I travel anywhere, I'm constantly asked if I'm Swedish. It's the burden of most Norwegians. The Swedes have just got a better publicity agent, I think.
Every episode of 'True Blood' is like shooting a low budget feature.
He is the vampire that had the greatest love of all times. And lost the greatest love of all times.
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