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Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Eric Hitchens was a British-American author and journalist who wrote or edited over 30 books on culture, politics, and literature. Hitchens originally described himself as a democratic socialist, and he was a member of various socialist organisations throughout his life, including the International Socialists. Hitchens eventually stopped describing himself as a socialist, but he continued to identify as a Marxist, supporting Marx's materialist conception of history. Hitchens was very critical of aspects of American foreign policy, such as American involvement in war crimes in Vietnam, Chile, and East Timor. However, he also supported the United States in the Kosovo War, the Afghanistan War, the Iraq War and other military interventions.

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Abandoned Abasement Ability Abject Abjection Abnegation Abolition Abraham Absence Absolute Hide All Absolute Certainty Absolutely Absolutely Not Absolutely Nothing Absolutism Abstain Absurd Absurdity Abuse Accept Acceptable Accepted Accident Accomplices Accomplishments Account Accumulation Accuracy Accurate Accused Accustomed Achieve Achieved Acquaintance Acting Acting As If Action Actions Active Activity Adapting Adhere Adjust Admiration Admire Admired Admit Adopt Adoration Adrenal Glands Adulation Adult Adultery Adults Advance Advanced Advances Advancing Advantage Advantages Advent Advice Advocating Aesthetic Affect Affected Affection Affirm Affirmative Afforded Afghanistan Afraid Afraid Of Death Africa African African American African Americans Afterlife Aftermath Age Age Of Reason Aged Ages Aggressive Agree Agreed Agreeing Al Qaeda Alarm Alarming Alchemy Alcohol Alexander Alive All Kinds All My Life All Religions All Things All Year Allegiance Allen Allied Allies Allowed Ally Almost Perfect Aloud Altogether Amazing Ambition Ambitious America American American Author American Citizen American Citizens American Citizenship American Express American Imperialism American Life American Power Amount Amusing Analogies Analogy Analysis Analyst Anarchist Ancient And Love Angeles Anglican Angry Angst Animal Animals Annihilate Annihilation Annoy Annoyance Annoys Annual Answer Answered Answers Anti Anti-War Antithesis Antiwar Anxiety Anymore Apache Apocalypse Apolitical Apologetic Apologize Appalling Apparent Apparently Appeal Appearance Appears Applied Apply Appreciation Approach Approximation Arab Arab World Arabian Arabic Arabic Language Archaic Archbishop Argued Arguing Argument Arise Armed Armed Forces Armor Arms Army Around The World Aroused Arranged Arrogance Arrogant Article Ashamed Asian Asked Asks Asleep Aspect Aspects Assert Associations Assume Assumption Assumptions Assurance Astonishment Astray Astrology Astronomy Asylum Atheism Atheist Atheists Atoms Attack Attacks Attained Attempt Attended Attention Attitude Attributed Attrition Audience Audio Aunt Authenticity Author Authoritarianism Authority Authors Availability Average Avoid Awaiting Awaits Award Aware Away From Home Awe-Inspiring Awful Awkward Axiom Babies Baby Baby Boom Baby Boomer Back Back Home Background Backward Bad Idea Bad Things Baggy Baghdad Baker Banal Bang Banging Banish Barbaric Barbarism Barely Bargain Based Bat Mitzvah Battle Battles Be Grateful Be Strong Be True Be Young Bears Beautiful Beautifully Beauty Began Begin Beginnings Begins Behave Behaved Behaving Beholder Being Human Being Lied Being Lied To Beings Belief Belief In God Believed Believer Believers Believes Believing Bell Belly Belongs Benefit Benevolent Best Friend Best Political Beware Bible Big Difference Big Mistake Bigotry Billy Bin Laden Birds Birth Black Blackmail Bland Blasphemy Blatant Blended Bless Blessed Blind Blindness Block Blue Blues Boast Boasting Bodies Body Bohemian Boldly Bombing Bombs Bonding Bonds Bonsai Book Books Bootlegging Booze Border Bore Bored Boredom Bores Boring Born Borrowed Bosnia Bothers Bottle Bound Boundless Brain Branch Branches Brand Brave Brazil Breach Break Break Off Breakfast Breakfast Of Champions Breaks Breeze Breezy Bride Brilliant Bring Bringing Britain British Broke Brooklyn Brother Brought Brow Brute Bucks Build Building Builds Bullshit Bullying Buried Burma Burn Burned Burning Burning Bush Bush Business Buzz Calamity Calculated Call Call Me Callous Calls Calm Campaign Camps Cancer Cancer Victim Candidate Candide Candle Candy Canterbury Capable Capital Capital Punishment Capitalism Capitalist Caprice Capricious Card Cards Care Career Caring Carried Carry Case Cases Cast Casual Catastrophe Catching Catching Up Catholic Catholic Church Catholicism Cats Caused Caustic Caution Caves Cease Celebrated Celebration Celebrity Celestial Cement Censorship Center Centered Centeredness Central Century Ceremonies Certainty Chains Challenge Champions Chance Change Changed Chanting Chap Chaps Character Characteristics Charge Charges Charisma Charity Charles Charm Charms Cheap Checking Cheering Cheers Chemistry Chemotherapy Chief Child Childhood Children China Chloroform Choice Choose Chooses Chores Chorus Christ Christian Christian Church Christian Faith Christian Science Christianity Christians Christmas Christmas Card Chunk Church Churches Cindy Circumstances Citizen Citizens Citizenship City Civil Civilians Civilisation Civilised Civilization Claim Claimed Claims Clan Class Class System Classless Society Cleansing Clear Clerical Clever Climbing Climbing Mount Everest Clinic Clinton Clock Clocks Close Close Relationship Closed Closely Closes Closure Club Cluster Coarse Coastal Coat Code Coexistence Cognitive Cognitive Dissonance Cognitive Science Cold Cold War Collapsed Colleagues Collection Colony Colored Columbus Column Combative Combination Combined Comfort Coming Coming Back Command Commandments Commercial Committed Committee Common Commune Communion Communism Communist Communist Manifesto Communist Party Community Comparison Compassion Compassionate Compelled Competing Complete Complicit Complicity Compose Composing Composure Compromising Compulsory Compunction Comrades Conceit Conceive Concentration Concentration Camp Concept Conception Concern Concerned Concerns Conclusion Condition Conduct Confess Confident Conflict Confront Confrontation Confronted Congratulate Congress Conjure Connection Connections Conquest Conscience Conscious Consciousness Consensus Consequences Conservative Considerable Considered Consistent Consolation Conspiracy Conspiracy Theory Constitute Constitution Consult Consumed Contained Containment Contemplative Contempt Contemptible Contemptuous Contend Content Continent Continually Continue Contradictory Contrary Control Controlled Controlling Conventional Conversation Conversations Conversion Convert Converted Convertible Convey Convict Conviction Convictions Convinced Convincing Core Corner Correctly Correctness Correlation Corrupt Corrupted Cosmology Cosmos Costs Council Counsel Counterparts Countless Countries Country Courage Courageous Court Covenant Cover Covering Covert Cowardice Cowards Cracked Crankiness Crap Crass Crazy Crazy Things Create Created Creation Creative Creativity Creator Credible Credit Credulity Credulous Creed Crime Cringe Crisis Critical Criticism Criticism Of Religion Critique Cross Crowd Crucial Crude Cruel Cruelty Crushed Crutch Cruz Culprit Cultivate Cults Cultural Culture Cure Cured Cures Curious Currency Current Curse Curse Words Cycle Cycles Cynicism Czechoslovakia Daily Daily News Damn Dance Dancing Danger Dangerous Dangerous Thing Dare Dark Dark Night Daughter Daughters David Days Dead Deadline Deal Dealt Dean Dear Death Deathbed Debate Debt Decade Decades December Decency Decent Decide Decided Deciding Decision Decline Deed Deep Deepening Deepest Deeply Defeat Defective Defence Defend Defender Defenders Defending Defense Deference Define Definition Defy Defying Degrade Degrading Degree Delight Delighted Delusion Delusions Demagogy Demand Demanding Demands Democracy Demonstrate Denial Denomination Dentistry Deny Departed Department Depend Depends Depraved Depressing Depression Depth Derived Descendants Describe Description Descriptions Desert Deserve Deserves Design Designed Designer Desire Desires Despair Despised Despotism Desserts Destroy Destroyed Destroys Destruction Destructive Details Detection Determination Determined Determines Devastating Developed Developing Development Devices Devil Devotion Devotion To God Diagnosed Diagnosis Dialectic Dialogue Diaries Dictated Dictation Dictators Dictatorship Died Dies Diet Differ Difference Different World Difficult Dignity Dimension Direction Directly Director Disagreement Disagreements Disbelief Discard Discourse Discover Discovered Discoveries Discovery Discrepancy Discriminate Discrimination Discussion Disdain Disease Disguised Disgust Disgusting Dishonest Disillusioned Dislike Dismal Dismissed Disorder Display Dispose Dissonance Distaste Distinction Distorted Distraction Distrust Divine Divinity Division Doctoring Doctors Document Documents Dogma Dogmatic Dogs Don't Care Door Double Doubt Drain Draw Drawn Dread Dreadful Dreams Dreary Drink Driving Drooling Dropped Drowned Drunk Dull Dumb Dumped Dumping Durable Dusk Duty Dying Dynamic Each Generation Eager Earlier Early Early Days Earn Earned Earth Earthly Earthly Possessions Easiest Easily East Eastern Easy Economic Economics Economy Ecstatic Eden Edge Editorial Editors Educated Educated People Educated Person Education Edward Effect Effortlessly Efforts Egomania Eighteenth Century Einstein Elbow Elderly Elders Elected Election Election Time Elegant Elementary Elements Elephant Elizabeth Emancipation Embarrassing Embarrassment Embodies Embraced Emergence Emotional Emphasis Empire Employ Employed Empowering Empowerment Empty Empty Stomach Emulate Emulation Enable Encounters Encourage Encouraged Encouraging End Times Endangered Endless Endlessly Ends Endurance Enduring Enemies Enemy Energy Engage Engels Engine English English School Englishman Enhanced Enhancement Enormous Enough People Enrich Ensure Enter Envious Envy Epidemics Episodes Epoch Equality Equivalent Erase Eritrea Error Eruption Escape Escaped Essays Essence Essential Essentially Establish Established Esteem Eternal Eternal Life Ethical Ethical Questions Ethnic Ethnic Cleansing Ethnic Identity Etiquette Europe European European Union Europeans Even Worse Evening Event Event Horizon Events Everest Every Time Everyday Evidence Evident Evil Evils Evolution Evolve Exact Examples Exception Exceptional Exceptions Excitement Exclude Excluded Excruciating Excuses Exercise Exertion Exile Exist Existed Existence Exists Expect Expectation Expelled Expense Experience Experiment Experts Expire Expired Explain Explanation Exploitation Exploited Export Expose Exposed Expression Expressions Extent Extermination Extraordinarily Extraordinary Extreme Extremely Eye Of The Beholder Eyebrow Eyes Fable Fabulous Face Face Value Facile Facing Fact Factors Faculties Faculty Fail Failed Failure Fairly Fairy Fairy Tale Faith Faith Healing Faithful Fake Fall Fallacy Fallen Fallible Falling Falls False Familiar Family Fanatic Fanatics Fantasies Fantastic Fantasy Fascinating Fascism Fascist Fascists Fast Faster Father Faults Favor Favorite Favourite Fear Feared Fearful Feel Feel Better Feeling Feelings Feels Fell Fellow Felt Feminine Feminist Feminists Festival Fetish Fewer Fields Fierce Fighting Figure Film Finalist Finally Financing Find Finding Findings Fine Finest Finish Finished First Generation First Love First Thing First Time Fits Flattering Flawless Fleece Fleeting Flexible Flick Flock Flood Flooding Floor Foggy Follow Followers Fondly Fondness Food Fool Fooling Fooling Around Foolish For The People Force Forced Forces Foreigners Forever Forget Forget It Forgiven Forgotten Form Forms Formula Fortunate Fortunately Fortunes Forward Found Founded Founder Founders Founding Fragility France Franco Fraud Free Free Expression Free Will Freedom Freedom And Equality Freedoms Freely French Fresh Fret Friend Friendly Friends Friendship Friendships Frightened Frivolity Frivolous Frustrating Fuel Full Fully Function Fundamentalist Funding Funeral Funny Fury Futile Futility Future Gain Game Garbage Garden Garden Of Eden Garments Gave Gender General Generally Generating Generation Generosity Genetics Genial Gentle Gentleman Genuinely George George Bush George W George W. Bush Georgia Georgian Ghastly Gift Gift From God Gigantic Girl Give Give Me Giving Giving In Glance Glands Glasses Global God God Bless God Bless America God Has A Plan Godly Gods Gold Gonna Good Good Cause Good Day Good Deal Good Enough Good Liar Good Life Good Memory Good Mood Good People Good Thing Good Things Good Time Good Way Good Will Goods Gore Govern Government Governments Governor Grace Grace Of God Graduate Graham Grandmother Granted Grateful Grave Graves Gravity Great Great Aunt Great Country Great Deal Great Man Great Person Great Thing Great Voice Greater Greatly Greedy Greek Greeks Green Green Card Grew Grime Grinding Grip Ground Grounds Group Groups Grow Grow Up Growing Grown Grown Man Growth Grudge Guarantee Guard Guardian Guess Guide Guides Guilty Gulags Gullibility Gusto Habit Habitual Half Hallway Hand Handing Handing Over Handouts Hands Hannah Hanukkah Happen Happened Happiest Happily Happiness Happy Harbor Hard Hard Time Hard Times Hardest Harm Harmful Harvest Hate Hated Hatred Haul Haven Head Head-On Headline Healer Healing Health Health Care Healthy Healthy Life Healthy Person Hear Hear People Heard Hearing Heart Heartbeat Heaven Heavenly Heavenly Father Heavens Height Held Hell Helpful Helps Henry Henry Kissinger Hereditary Heresy Hero Heroine Heroines Hesitation High Highest Highest Form Highly Highly Intelligent Hired Historian Historical Historically History Hoax Hold Holding Holds Holiday Holiday Card Holland Holocaust Holy Holy Books Holy Places Holy War Holy Water Home Homeless Homes Homosexuality Honest Honestly Hope Hoped Hoping Horizon Horrible Horror Hospitals Host Hostile Hostility House Housing Huge Hugely Human Human Being Human Beings Human Condition Human Form Human Life Human Personality Human Rights Human Society Human Species Humane Humanism Humanity Humans Humble Humiliation Humility Humor Humorous Hundreds Hundreds Of Thousands Hungary Hungry Hunted Hurt Hussein Hypnotic Hypothesis Hysterical I Can Read I Hate I Realized I'm Alive Idea Ideal Ideas Identical Identification Identified Identify Identity Ideological Ideology Idiom Idiot Idol Ignorance Ignorant Illiterate Illness Illusion Illusions Image Imagination Imagine Imagine That Imitation Immediately Immense Immoral Immorality Immortal Immortal Soul Impatience Imperfections Imperialism Implied Important Important Part Impossible Impressed Impression Improbable Improve Improved Improving Impulses In Fact In Other Words Inarticulate Incapable Incentive Incessant Include Including Incompatible Inconceivable Increasingly Independence Independent India Indian Indication Indicator Indifferent Indispensable Individual Individual Liberty Individualism Individuals Indochina Indulge Indulge In Industry Ineffable Ineptitude Inescapable Inevitable Inevitable Death Infallible Infancy Inferior Infinite Infinitely Inflict Influence Information Informed Ingenuity Inhabitants Inherited Injustice Innate Innocent Innovation Innovative Inquire Inquiry Insecure Insecurity Inseparable Inside Insist Insomnia Inspiration Inspiring Instant Instantly Instruction Instructions Instrument Instruments Insular Insulted Insulting Insults Integrity Intellect Intellectual Intellectually Intellectuals Intelligence Intelligent Intelligent Design Intelligent People Intended Intense Intensely Intent Interest Interested Interesting Interests Internal International Internationalism Interrupt Interruption Intervene Intervening Interview Intimidation Intolerant Introduce Introduced Intrusion Invariably Invasion Invent Inventing Invention Inventive Invest Invested Investigation Investing Invitation Invite Involved Involves Involving Iran Iranian Iraq Iraq War Iraqi Iron Ironic Irony Irrational Irrelevance Irritated Irritating Islam Islamic Islamist Islamists Islamophobia Isolated Israeli Israelis Issue Issues Italy Jefferson Jerk Jerry Jerusalem Jesus Jewish Jewish Life Jews Joan Job Description John Join Joined Joining Joke Joseph Journalism Journalist Judaism Judge Judged Judging Judgment Judgmental Junk Jury Jury Duty Just One Thing Justice Justice Department Justification Justify Kabul Kafka Kant Keen Keeper Keeping Kennedy Kettle Khmer Rouge Killing Kim Il Sung Kind Kind People Kindly Kinds King Kiss Kiss My Ass Kissinger Knees Knew Knife Knowing Knowledge Knowledge And Wisdom Knowledgeable Koran Korea Korean Korean Peninsula Kosovo Kwanzaa Land Land Of Opportunity Landscape Language Languages Lanka Large Large Part Last Night Late Late Night Laugh Laughs Lavish Law And Order Laws Laws Of Nature Lawyers Lazy Lead Leader Leading Leads Learn Learned Leave Leaves Leaving Leaving The Country Left Leftist Legacy Legal Legislative Legislative Branch Lengthy Leprosy Lesson Lethal Letter Level Liar Liberal Liberals Liberating Liberation Libertarian Libertarians Liberty Lied Lies Life Life Is Life Is A Life-Threatening Lifetime Lifetimes Light Lightly Likes Likewise Limb Limit Limitations Limited Limitless Limits Lincoln Line Lines Listening Literal Literally Literary Literate Literature Live Live For Others Live Without Fear Lived Lives Livestock Living Locked Logic London Loneliness Long Long Haul Long Period Long Time Long-Term Longer Looked Los Angeles Lose Loser Losing Losing Control Loss Love Love Is Love To Read Loved Lovely Lovers Lower Lowest Loyalty Lucky Ludicrous Lunatic Lurking Lush Lying Machines Made Made A Mistake Made It Magic Magnetic Magnificent Main Maintain Major Majority Make Make Me Angry Make Up Makes Making Making A Living Male Malice Mammals Man-Made Manage Management Mandate Mandatory Manifesto Manipulate Manner Mansions Mantle Margaret Margins Marilyn Mark Marked Marketplace Marriage Married Mars Martin Marx Marxist Mary Mass Mass Destruction Massacre Masses Master Mastered Matched Material Material World Matter Matters Maxim Meaningful Meaningless Means Meant Meant To Be Measure Measurement Meat Media Medicine Medieval Medieval Europe Mediocre Mediocrity Medusa Meek Meet Meeting Meetings Melancholy Member Members Membership Memory Mental Mentality Mentally Mention Mentioned Mercenary Merchant Merciful Mere Merit Merry Merry Christmas Messiah Metaphor Method Methods Microscope Middle Middle Class Middle East Middle-Aged Mighty Mild Military Million Millions Millions Of People Mimic Mind Mind And Body Minded Mindless Minor Minority Miracles Miraculous Miserable Misery Miss Missouri Mistake Mitzvah Mixture Moan Mobility Mobilize Mock Mockery Model Modern Modern America Modesty Mohammed Moment Moments Monastery Money Monochrome Monopoly Monopoly Power Monroe Mood Moral Moral Absolutism Moral Action Moral Character Moral Code Moral Courage Morality Morally More People More Time More To Life Mormon Morning Moron Morons Morrow Mortality Moses Mosques Motel Mother Motion Motion Picture Motivates Motive Motives Mount Mount Everest Mountains Mounting Moustache Move Move Mountains Movement Movements Mugged Murderer Museums Music Muslim Muslims Mussolini Mutilation My Children My Family My Favorite My Friend My Friends My Heart My Life My Time My Wife Mystery Mythical Naive Narrow Narrow-Minded Nasty Nation National Nationalism Nations Native Natural Natural Order Natural World Nature Naval Navy Nazareth Nearer Necessarily Needless Negotiate Nervous Neurological Neurosis Neutral Never Explain Never Quit New Orleans New Year New York New York Times News Newspaper Newspapers Nice Nicer Night Nightmare Nights Nihilist Nineteenth Century Nirvana Nixon No Chance No Choice No Country No Doubt No Friends No Patience No Reason No Time No Time To Waste Noah Nobel Nobel Peace Prize Noble Noise Noisy Nominee Nonetheless Nonsense Nonsensical Norm Normal North North America North Korea North Korean Northern Not Afraid Note Notebook Notice Noticeable Noticed Notorious Novels Nuance Nuclear Numb Number Numinous Nurses Oath Obama Obituaries Object Objective Objects Obliged Obscenity Obscure Observation Observer Obsession Obvious Occasional Occasions Occupation Occur Occurs Ocean October Oddly Odds Offended Offense Offensive Offer Offered Offers Office Official Officially Old Friends Old Testament Older Oldest One Book One Thing Onion Only Time Ontario Ontology Opaque Open Open Mind Open-Minded Opened Openly Opens Operating Opinion Opinions Opponent Opportunity Oppose Opposed Opposing Opposites Opposition Oppressed Optional Order Ordinary Organ Organized Organized Religion Organs Origin Origins Orleans Orthodox Orthodoxy Orwell Oscar Ospreys Other Countries Our Actions Our Children Our Dreams Our Future Our Lives Our Thoughts Our Time Outcome Outcomes Outgrow Outlaw Outlive Outsider Overcome Overcoming Overrated Overseas Overwork Owners Owns Oxford Pact Page Paid Pain Paine Painful Painless Pakistan Palestine Palestinian Palestinians Palpable Panel Papers Paradise Paradox Parasites Parent Parenthood Parents Parents And Teachers Parochial Part Participate Participation Parties Partly Party Pascal Pass Passing Passive Passivity Passport Pastime Paternal Path Pathetic Pathology Patience Patient Patronage Pattern Paul Peace Peace Through Strength Peaceful Peasants Peculiar Peers Penalty Peninsula Pentagon People People Say Perceived Percent Perfect Perfect Strangers Perfectly Perfectly Normal Performed Performing Period Periods Permanent Permission Perpetual Persian Persist Person Personal Personal Interest Personal Life Personalities Personality Personally Persuasive Petty Phenomena Philosophy Phone Phone Number Phrase Physical Physical World Physically Physically Fit Physics Pick Picture Piece Pieces Piety Pill Pious Pity Place Places Plague Plan Planet Plans Plant Plant A Tree Plants Play Play Music Pleasant Pleased Pleasing Pleasure Pleasures Plenty Plight Pluralism Poetry Point Pointlessness Points Poison Polemics Poles Polish Polite Political Political Life Politically Politicians Politics Polls Ponder Poor Poor Taste Pope Populism Populist Pork Pornography Pose Posing Position Positions Positive Positively Possess Possesses Possession Possessions Possessive Possibly Post Postpone Posture Potentially Poverty Power Powerful Powers Practically Practice Practices Prague Praise Praised Pray Pray For Pray For Me Prayer Prayers Precedes Precious Precise Precisely Precision Precocious Predecessors Predict Predictable Prefer Pregnancy Prehistoric Prehistory Prejudice Premature Premise Prepared Preparedness Presence Present Present Day Preserving President Press Pressure Presumption Pretending Pretense Pretty Prevailing Prevent Previous Prey Price Pride Priesthood Priests Primary Primary Source Primates Primitive Prince Of Peace Principle Principled Principles Print Prison Privacy Private Private Life Private Property Private School Prize Problem Problems Process Proclaim Produce Producer Product Production Profess Profession Professional Professor Profound Progeny Programs Progress Prohibited Prohibition Projects Promise Promised Promote Proof Propensity Proper Properly Properties Property Property Rights Prophet Prophets Proposed Proposition Prose Proselytizing Prospect Prosperous Protect Protection Protects Protest Proud Prove Prove It Proved Proves Provide Providence Province Provision Provocation Provoke Pseudo Psyche Psychopathic Public Public Life Public Opinion Publicly Publishers Puke Pull Pulled Punish Punishing Punishment Purpose Purposes Pursuit Puts Putting Quaint Qualification Qualities Quality Quarrel Quarter Queen Queen Elizabeth Question Questions Quiet Quit Quitting Quote Race Racism Racist Radical Radicalism Radicals Rage Raise Raised Rank Rapids Rare Rate Rates Raving Raw Material Reach Reached Reactionaries Reactionary Read Reader Reading Reading Or Writing Ready Reagan Real Real Life Real Thing Real World Realisation Realise Realistic Realization Realize Realized Really True Reaper Reason Reason Why Reasonable Reasoning Reasons Reassuring Reborn Recall Recent Recipe Recite Reciting Recognize Recognized Record Recording Records Rectitude Redemption Redneck Reduced Referred Reflect Reflection Reformation Refreshment Refuge Refuse Refused Regard Regarded Regime Regional Regions Regression Regret Regrets Regularity Reincarnation Reinforcement Reject Relations Relationship Relax Relaxing Relevant Relief Relieved Religion Religion In Society Religions Religious Religious Belief Religious Books Religious Education Religious Faith Religious Fanatics Religious Person Reluctant Rely Remain Remarkable Remarks Remember Remembered Reminding Remote Remove Renounce Repeat Repeated Repeatedly Repeating Replace Reply Reported Reports Repository Representative Representing Represents Repressed Repression Reproduction Reproductive Republic Require Research Resentment Resigned Resistance Resolutions Resolve Resource Respect Respect People Respectability Respectable Respond Responses Responsibility Responsible Rest Restaurant Result Retain Retard Retarded Retrospect Retrospective Return Reveal Revealed Revelation Revenge Revenue Review Reviewers Reviewing Revolution Revolutionaries Revolutionary Revolutions Reward Rewards Rhetoric Rhetorical Rich Ridicule Ridiculous Rigged Righteous Righteousness Rights Rights Movement Ripe Ripening Ripple Rise Rise Above Risk Risking Risks Risky Rivals Roar Robust Rock Rocks Role Romney Root Rooted Rosa Rose Rosie Rouge Roughly Roulette Round Royal Royal Family Rubbish Rude Ruined Rule Rulers Rules Ruling Ruling Class Rumors Running Running For Office Runs Rushdie Russell Russia Russian Russians Ruthless Sacred Sacrifice Sacrifices Saddam Saddam Hussein Sadism Safely Safer Sails Saints Sake Salmon Same Thing Sanction Sanctions Sanctity Santa Santa Claus Sardonic Satanic Saudi Saudi Arabia Savagery Savants Saved Scale Scarce Scenario School Schools Science Scientific Scope Scotch Scott Scripture Scum Scum Of The Earth Search Seconds Secretary Secrets Sectarian Secular Security Seductive Seek Seeking Seeks Seemingly Sees Seething Selecting Self-Defense Self-Esteem Self-Evident Self-Respect Selfish Selfishness Sellout Senator Send Sending Sensation Sense Sense Of Humor Sentence Sentences Sentiment Sentimental Separate Separation September September 11 September 11th Serbia Seriousness Served Servility Sexual Shady Shake Share Shared Sheep Sheer Shelter Shepherds Shia Shock Short Short-Term Shortage Shortage Of Time Shortcomings Show Showing Shown Shows Shred Shun Shut Sick Side Sign Signal Significance Silence Silent Silent Majority Silly Simplest Simply Simultaneous Simultaneously Sin Of Pride Singing Single Single Day Sinister Sins Siren Sixties Sixty Skeptic Skeptical Skepticism Slang Slaughter Slave Slave Trade Slavery Sleep Sleeping Slender Slight Slightly Slogan Slogans Slot Slot Machines Slower Slowly Small Smallest Smarter Smartest Smiley Smoke Smoking Sniping So Many Years So-Called Sober Social Social Democracy Socialism Socialist Socialist Party Societies Society Solemn Solid Solidarity Solidity Solipsism Solved Some People Some Things Song Sooner Soothe Soothing Sophisticated Sort Sought Soul Souls Sound Soundness Source Sources Soviet Spain Spanish Spatial Speak Speaking Special Species Spectacle Spectacles Spectator Speech Spending Spending Time Spent Spinoza Spirit Spite Spoil Sponsors Spots Spread Spreading Sri Lanka Stage Stagnation Stake Stalin Standard Standards Standing Stands Star Star Wars Stark Stars Startled Starts Stasis State Stated Statement States Statistical Statistics Statue Status Status Quo Stay Stepped Sting Stock Stockholm Stockholm Syndrome Stole Stolen Stomach Stone Stone Age Stopped Story Straight Straight Line Strangely Strangers Strata Strategic Street Streets Strength Stretch Strips Strong Strong Enough Stronger Strongly Struggle Struggling Stubborn Stuck Student Study Study History Stuff Stumble Stupid Stupid People Stupid Things Stupidity Style Subject Subjection Submission Submit Subordinate Substitute Subversive Succeeded Succeeding Success Successful Successfully Such A Thing Suddenly Suffer Suffering Sufficiency Sufficient Sufi Suggest Suggestive Suicidal Suicide Suits Sung Sunni Superior Supernatural Superstition Superstitious Supply Support Supported Supporter Suppose Supposed Supposed To Be Supposedly Supreme Supreme Court Surely Surplus Surprise Surprised Surprises Surprising Surrender Surveillance Survival Survive Survived Suspect Suspend Suspicion Swallow Sweet Swiftly Switch Symbol Symbolic Symmetry Symptom Symptoms Synagogue Syndrome System Systems T Pain Table Tablet Tactic Tactics Taken For Granted Takes Taking Tale Taliban Talk Talk To Me Talked Talking Taming Target Task Taste Taught Taught Us Taunting Taxation Taxes Teach Teachers Teachings Technology Tedious Tedium Teeth Telephone Telescope Telescopes Tells Temporal Temptation Ten Commandments Tend Tendency Tenth Teresa Term Terminal Terminal Illness Terminally Ill Terms Terrible Terrible Thing Terrific Terrified Terror Terrorism Test Testament Tested Testify Tests Texas Text Texts That Moment Thatcher The First Thing The History Of The One Thing The Only Thing The Real World Theocracy Theology Theory Thermometer These Days Thesis Thing Things Thinkable Thinkers Thinking Thinks Third World Thirties This Society This World Thomas Thought Thoughtful Thoughts Thousands Thousands Of Years Threat Threaten Threatened Threatening Three Words Thrift Throat Throw Thrown Thumb Ticking Tidings Tied Tied Up Time Time Spent Times Title To Survive Today Token Tolerance Tolerate Tolerated Toll Tongue Torch Tories Toronto Torture Tossed Total Totalitarian Totalitarianism Totally Touching Tough Toughest Town Trace Trade Trade-Off Tradition Trafficking Tragedy Tragic Traitor Transcendent Transform Transformation Transparent Trauma Travel Traveling Treasure Treated Treatment Treaty Tree Tremendous Trench Trial Trial And Error Tribal Tribalism Tribe Tribes Trick Trinity Triple Trivial Troops True Truer Trust Trustworthy Truth Truth Is Truths Tube Tumor Tunes Turn Turned Turning Turns Tuscany Twain Twentieth Twentieth Century Two People Typical Tyranny Tyrant Tyrants Uganda Ugly Ultimately Unable Unassuming Unbelief Unbelievers Unbreakable Uncertain Uncertainty Unclear Unconscious Undermined Understand Understanding Understood Underworld Undesirable Undoubtedly Uneasy Uneducated Unemployed Unfair Unfairness Unfit Unforgettable Unforgivable Unforgivable Sin Unhappiness Uniform Uniformity Unimportant Uninspired Unintelligent Uninterested Union Unique Unite United United Nations United States Unity Universal Universe University Unkind Unlike Unnecessary Unpleasant Unpredictability Unsure Untold Untruth Unwelcome Uplift Upper Upper Class Upset Upward Upward Mobility Urge Urgent Use Of Language Useless User Usual Utopia Utopian Utterly Vague Vain Valid Values Vanity Variation Vast Vatican Vegetables Verge Vernacular Version Versions Versus Very Good Very Happy Very Interesting Vested Vicarious Vicariously Victimhood Victims Victors Vietcong View Viewed Views Vigorous Villains Vindicated Vindication Vintage Violation Violence Violent Virginity Virtue Virtues Virtuous Visa Visit Visiting Visitors Visualize Vocabulary Voice Volatile Vote Voter Vulgar Vulnerable Wacky Wager Wait Waiting Wake Wake Up Waking Walk Walker Walking Wall Wanted War Warfare Warning Warrant Warriors Wars Washington Wasp Waste Wasted Wasteful Watch Watched Water Wave Ways Weaker Weakness Weaknesses Wealth Weapon Weaponry Weapons Wear Wearing Wears Weary Weed Weeks Weight Welfare Well-Intentioned West Western What's Important Whining Whip White White Noise Wicked Wicked Things Wide Wife Wife And Daughter William Willing To Change Willingness Wills Winds Wine Wisdom Wishes Witches Withdraw Witness Witnesses Witty Wobbly Woman Women Wonderful Wonderful Thing Wonderful Things Wooden Woody Woody Allen Word Word Of God Words Work Work In Progress Worked Workers Working Working Man Works World World Trade World Trade Center Worldview Worn Worried Worry Worse Worship Worst Worst Day Worth Worth Fighting For Worth It Worth Reading Wretched Write Writer Writers Writes Writing Written Written Word Wrong Wrote Wrought Yawn Year Yearn Yearning Years Yeats Yell Yesterday York Young Young And Beautiful Young People Younger Younger Brother Your Best Friend Your Favorite Your Future Your Grandmother Your Side Yugoslavia Zealot Less More Hide All See All
The concept of loneliness and exile and self-sufficiency continually bucks me up.
The term 'the American Left' is as near to being meaningless or nonsensical as any term could really be in politics. It isn't really a force in politics anymore. And it would do well to ask itself why that is.
It doesn't take much to make me angry. — © Christopher Hitchens
It doesn't take much to make me angry.
One of the great questions of philosophy is, do we innately have morality, or do we get it from celestial dictation? A study of the Ten Commandments is a very good way of getting into and resolving that issue.
The advice I've been giving to people all my life - that you may not be interested in the dialectic but the dialectic is interested in you; you can't give up politics, it won't give you up - was the advice I should have been taking myself.
I learned that very often the most intolerant and narrow-minded people are the ones who congratulate themselves on their tolerance and open-mindedness.
Well, I'm in my 60s now. I finally look it, I think. People until I was 60 would always say they thought I looked younger, which I think, without flattering myself, I did, but I think I certainly have, as George Orwell says people do after a certain age, the face they deserve.
I'm not particularly a feminist, but if you get women off the animal cycle of reproduction and give them some say in how many children they'll have, immediately the floor will rise.
When Caroline Kennedy managed to say 'you know' more than 200 times in an interview with the New York 'Daily News,' and on 130 occasions while talking to 'The New York Times' during her uninspired attempt to become a hereditary senator, she proved, among other things, that she was (a) middle-aged and (b) middle class.
The suicide-bombing community is not absolutely 100 percent religious, but it is pretty nearly 100 percent religious.
For most of my life I let women do the driving and was happy to let them.
To terrify children with the image of hell... to consider women an inferior creation. Is that good for the world?
There's a big difference, as I'm sure you know, it's a slightly manneristic one, between people of the '60s and people of '68. Being a soixante-huitard - it's so nice to have a French word for it - is very different from just having happened to been a baby boomer in the '60s.
I must have been one of the least surprised people on earth on September 11. I felt very braced for that. I knew something like that was going to come. — © Christopher Hitchens
I must have been one of the least surprised people on earth on September 11. I felt very braced for that. I knew something like that was going to come.
I've had some dark nights of the soul, of course, but giving in to depression would be a sellout, a defeat.
Trust is not the same as faith. A friend is someone you trust. Putting faith in anyone is a mistake.
The worst days are when you feel foggy in the head - chemo-brain they call it. It's awful because you feel boring. As well as bored. And stupid. And resigned.
Every now and then I will see a word as if for the first time, and suddenly appreciate that Evian is 'naive' spelled backward, or that Bosnia is an anagram of 'bonsai.'
'WASP' is the only ethnic term that is in fact a term of class, apart from redneck, which is another word for the same group but who are in the lower social strata, so it's inexplicably tied up with social standing and culture and history in a way that the other hyphenations just are not.
I don't think it's possible to have a sense of tragedy without having a sense of humor.
To 'choose' dogma and faith over doubt and experience is to throw out the ripening vintage and to reach greedily for the Kool-Aid.
Religion is compulsory in English schools, you know.
A gentleman is never rude except on purpose - I can honestly be nasty sober, believe you me.
Solidarity is an attitude of resistance, I suppose, or it should be.
What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
Religion is part of the human make-up. It's also part of our cultural and intellectual history. Religion was our first attempt at literature, the texts, our first attempt at cosmology, making sense of where we are in the universe, our first attempt at health care, believing in faith healing, our first attempt at philosophy.
I think being an atheist is something you are, not something you do.
I don't think the war in Afghanistan was ruthlessly enough waged.
The totalitarian, to me, is the enemy - the one that's absolute, the one that wants control over the inside of your head, not just your actions and your taxes.
I sometimes wish I were suffering in a good cause, or risking my life for the good of others, instead of just being a gravely endangered patient.
I'm crepuscular.
'Bombing Afghanistan back into the Stone Age' was quite a favourite headline for some wobbly liberals. The slogan does all the work. But an instant's thought shows that Afghanistan is being, if anything, bombed out of the Stone Age.
There's been some research in cognitive science, I'm told, that discloses that there have always been perhaps 10 to 15 percent of people who are, as Pascal puts it, so made that they cannot believe. To us, when people talk about faith, it's white noise.
My children, to the extent that they have found religion, have found it from me, in that I insist on at least a modicum of religious education for them.
When you hear people demanding that the Ten Commandments be displayed in courtrooms and schoolrooms, always be sure to ask which set. It works every time.
In the grip of a neurological disorder, I am fast losing control of words even as my relationship with the world has been reduced to them.
A lot of people, because of my contempt for the false consolations of religion, think of me as a symbolic public opponent of that in extremis. And sometimes that makes me feel a bit alarmed, to be the repository of other people's hope.
The cause of my life has been to oppose superstition. It's a battle you can't hope to win - it's a battle that's going to go on forever. It's part of the human condition.
I vote and I do jury duty. — © Christopher Hitchens
I vote and I do jury duty.
I'm afraid the SS's relationship with the Catholic Church is something the Church still has to deal with and does not deny.
My father had died, and very swiftly, too, of cancer of the esophagus. He was 79. I am 61. In whatever kind of a 'race' life may be, I have very abruptly become a finalist.
I don't think consensus-building politics is what I'm meant to be doing.
I'm not resigned, but I'm realistic too. The statistics in my case are very poor. Not many people come through esophageal cancer and live to talk about it, or not for long. And the other wager is, the part of the wager, it's a certainty you'll have a terrible time and you may wish you were dying because it's an awful process.
My own view is that this planet is used as a penal colony, lunatic asylum and dumping ground by a superior civilisation, to get rid of the undesirable and unfit. I can't prove it, but you can't disprove it either.
To the dumb question, 'Why me?' the cosmos barely bothers to return the reply, 'Why not?'
There are all kinds of stupid people that annoy me but what annoys me most is a lazy argument.
Henry Kissinger should have the door shut in his face by every decent person and should be shamed, ostracized and excluded.
Ronald Reagan said that he sought a Star Wars defense only in order to share the technology with the tyrants of the U.S.S.R.
I don't think Romney is wacky at all, but religion makes intelligent people say and do wacky things, believe and affirm crazy things. Left on his own, Romney would never have said something like the Garden Of Eden was in Missouri, and will be again.
A good day is one where I can not just read a book, but write a review of it. Maybe today I'll be able to do that. I get for some reason somewhat stronger when the sun starts to go down. Dusk is a good time for me. I'm crepuscular.
Religion is not going to come up with any new arguments. — © Christopher Hitchens
Religion is not going to come up with any new arguments.
I didn't think Marilyn Monroe was beautiful. It used to worry me. I thought maybe I'm not put together like the other chaps.
The fact is: It's true what they say about the United States. It is a land of opportunity. It is too various to get bored with it.
I still make sure to go, at least once every year, to a country where things cannot be taken for granted, and where there is either too much law and order or too little.
When I meet people who say - which they do all of the time - 'I must just tell you, my great aunt had cancer of the elbow and the doctors gave her 10 seconds to live, but last I heard she was climbing Mount Everest,' and so forth, I switch off quite early.
Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they will think you are God. Whereas owners of cats are compelled to realize that, if you provide them with food and water and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are God.
Terrorism is the tactic of demanding the impossible, and demanding it at gunpoint.
Lovers often invest their first meetings with retrospective significance, as if to try to conjure the elements of the numinous out of the stubborn witness of the everyday.
In one way, I suppose, I have been 'in denial' for some time, knowingly burning the candle at both ends and finding that it often gives a lovely light.
It's true that obscenity is a matter of taste and in the eye of the beholder.
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