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Christopher Knight

Christopher Anton Knight is an American actor and businessman. He is best known for playing Peter Brady on the 1970s series The Brady Bunch. He has since gone on to become a successful businessman and enjoyed a semi-resurgence in the public eye with television appearances in the 2000s.

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Acknowledge Acknowledge You Acting Action Acts Agent Ashamed Aspects Associates Baggage Hide All Beneficial Brady Brady Bunch Bunch Clumsy Condition Contact Content Context Core Crafted Current Cycle Diagnosed Downside Driver Enemy Entertaining Entertainment Evolution Evolved Fairytale Family Feel Feeling Find Form Friends Friendship Full Girl Goat Goose Hands Hardest Hear Honor Imitates Importantly Innocence Intent Invasion Knowing Knowing Others Lack Lasted Life Live Lives Long Manager Modern Mother Mother Goose Needed Not Knowing Number Old Friends Opportunity Original Our World Part Persona Pleasures Positive Presented Privacy Professionally Public Reflects Respects Responsibilities Show Special Start Struggling Sweet Television Thirty Thirty Years Thrill Today Traits Turn World Years Less More Hide All See All
It may part of a one way evolution... or it may be we are currently on the downside of an innocence cycle where one day, with an up cycle, sweet will be entertaining again.
I don't even have an agent or manager, but rather have a number of associates who I turn to when needed; or conversely when they hear of someone looking for me they'll contact me.
It's well known by now that I had a special need to get Maureen's goat when ever the opportunity presented itself. I was a boy and she was the enemy... a girl. — © Christopher Knight
It's well known by now that I had a special need to get Maureen's goat when ever the opportunity presented itself. I was a boy and she was the enemy... a girl.
To some it may be a thrill to be known, to me it's a thrill to start a friendship even up.
It's an honor to have been part of something so core to so many lives. The show has evolved beyond it's original intent and form and has transcended... itself!
It's nothing to be ashamed of and that there are even beneficial traits associated with the condition. Most importantly, acknowledge yourself for who you are and if you're struggling with anything resembling ADD get professionally diagnosed.
One of the hardest aspects of this protracted public persona is not knowing others as well as they feel they know me. It's a rather clumsy feeling actually; to not know someone who acts as though you're old friends.
I'm not done with acting but do find my hands full with my current responsibilities. Soon, sometime soon.
Being a Brady comes with it's pleasures and its baggage. I'm not one given to a lack of privacy and invasion.
Television is much better crafted today then in the 70s. The content is less positive but I'm one of those that feel our entertainment reflects our world, it's not a driver - art imitates life.
The Brady Bunch is a live action modern fairytale of family. In this context it's less odd that it's lasted for over thirty years; and why it may last in some respects as long as Mother Goose!
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