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Christopher Michael Cillizza

Christopher Michael Cillizza is an American political commentator for the television news channel CNN. Prior to joining CNN, he wrote for The Fix, the daily political blog of The Washington Post, and was a regular contributor to the Post on political issues, a panelist on Meet the Press, and an MSNBC political analyst. Cillizza is also a co-host of The Tony Kornheiser Show sports podcast. In April 2017, Cillizza began working for CNN.

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A lack of transparency that fuels the idea that she is either hiding something or simply not someone to be trusted.
I am not sure we are going to see Republican Members endorsing Hillary Clinton. I think we will see plenty say they can't vote for Donald Trump. That doesn't mean they vote for her. They could either not vote, vote for the Libertarian ticket or write someone in.
People roll their eyes at the idea of Kanye West running for president. I do not. — © Christopher Michael Cillizza
People roll their eyes at the idea of Kanye West running for president. I do not.
Valentine's Day gifts like teddy bears, chocolate and perfume are SO lame. How about be thoughtful and original?
I won't be voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton either, both are too flawed in my opinion to be allowed near the Oval Office.
Talking about and analyzing sports isn't the same as playing sports.
There's a suspicion always about politicians. The suspicion level is really elevated and it just feels like people do not trust their institutions.
History's greatest monster.
Anything is possible with Trump.
I think Mike Pence figured that best case scenario he is vice president and worst case scenario he can say he tried to rein Donald Trump in for the good of the party.
[Donald] Trump won fair and square! He got 13.3 million votes. He won all over the country. He won when the race was crowded and when it was a one on one against Ted Cruz. There's just no reasonable way to keep Trump from the nomination while insisting that the will of the Republican voter is being respected.
I thought Donald Trump approach on Brexit was a fascinating window into how he thinks. His basic point was that [David] Cameron should resign because he didn't read the public mood on the issue right. And that Boris Johnson should be the next prime minister because he did. That's a very different definition of leadership than many politicians have. Or at least say they have.
Mike Pence is the hardest one to guess in 2020 as a leader, because I don't know if he is seen as the heir to the Donald Trump political movement or ig being the heir is a good thing.
I think the desire to reject elites, to retreat within more comfortable geographic and personal borders and to lash out at political correctness is not a phenomenon unique to Britain or the US.
If people don't believe the source, then we aren't going to change their minds. We just won't. — © Christopher Michael Cillizza
If people don't believe the source, then we aren't going to change their minds. We just won't.
2018 is a horrendous cycle for Democrats. For starters they have to defend 5 seats in states Barack Obama lost either 2008, 2012 or both.
Assuming he wins his primary easily, and continues to push back when Donald Trump goes over the line, I think Paul Ryan is well positioned to run in 2020 if Trump loses.
Big moments like the Olympics tend to freeze things in place. It's just very hard to break through the news cycle with peoples's eyes on the Olympics. That's even more true with the concerns about Zika and terrorism.
Don't rely on the president to win you the race. You can have the president help you. Use the popularity that he has. That may get you an ear into some of these voters, but he isn't going to close the deal.
I think Donald Trump's natural tendency in all things is to resist any "deal" where he doesn't get to set the terms.
I am not convinced that means [Donald] Trump is a lock to be the next president but it does suggest that what he has tapped into is both lasting and powerful.
I eat like a maniac when I am sick. My attitude is if I am going to die anyway in the next 24-48 hours, I mind as well live it up.
If elected, Hillary Clinton will be the least popular president to be elected in modern history. So there's going to be very little incentive on the part of Republicans to work with her.
Donald Trump has been rewriting the rules since he got into politics.
I do think that even if the average person doesn't care, it IS a big deal. Like, it's been a foundational principle of our democracy for 240 years.
Of course, with the last ads shipped and the last polls conducted, there'??s not much to do but try to read the tea leaves. And from what Democrats are seeing, it doesn't look good. At all.
Chaka Fattah already lost the seat in a Democratic primary. So, he's on his way out. And he formally resigned this week.
Georgia has been on the fringes of competitive for a while now because of its black population and growing Hispanic community. The white vote is aligning more and more with Republicans, however, which has made it hard for Democrats to win. But, Donald Trump is not someone who sells well to suburban Atlanta whites, giving Hillary Clinton an in there.
I voted for Barack Obama twice but I found his rather strong statements about Donald Trump a little unseemly, kind of thought that he ought to stay above the fray so to speak. Is it just me who feels like this was a little out of bounds or is this good politics since his approval ratings are pretty high?
I was 12 minutes late. Let's not make a federal case out of it.
The editorial board, who endorses candidates, is totally separate from the news side of the business. We don't consult one another. They have one job to do, we have a totally different one to do. So whether the Washington Post editorial board endorses Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is meaningless to me.
I am done underestimating [Donald] Trump and his appeal.
Donald Trump doesn't like to debate and knows in his heart of hearts he isn't great at it.
Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff are the best. You won't have me ever say a bad word about them.
[Paul] Ryan won kudos both within his membership and the party base for not giving in.
As for whether what happened in Britain improves[Donald] Trump's chances of winning, I don't think so. He has the same chances; we may just be more aware of what they are now.
If you have ever sat in a focus group in a swing state, you are 100% certain that most soft partisans make up their minds on who to vote for based on things that are totally outside of an understanding of issues.
Every member of Congress and every Senator kind of runs their own race with their own message because they don't want to necessarily have dictated from the White House what that message should be.
I think Donald Trump is simply incapable of sticking to a single message. Or of understanding that he doesn't know better than everyone else in every circumstance.
It has been an amazing presidential election in 2016. AMAZING. And I don't take it for granted. This sort of race comes along once every century or so. — © Christopher Michael Cillizza
It has been an amazing presidential election in 2016. AMAZING. And I don't take it for granted. This sort of race comes along once every century or so.
I see no issue with [Donald] Trump spending 48 hours in Scotland.Whether accidental or intentional, the fact that he was there when Britain voted to leave the EU was a good thing for him.
Brain surgery is not like politics and vice versa.
Brexit suggests that there IS some level of non-vocal group who supports positions like those espoused by [Donald]Trump that polls are missing.
Sitting presidents are very tough to beat.
I think Twitter is becoming remarkably intolerant and heavily liberal. As in, anything that is perceived as being "pro Trump" is scolded and mocked.
You have every right to have your views. But don't let those views get in the way of indisputable facts!
Veep is the best and most realistic political TV show out there.
Donald Trump is doing remarkably badly among non-white voters and there are lots of them in Arizona.
I just think we all distrust people and institutions much more than we once did. And we tend to think elites run everything and are looking out for themselves at our expense. Add it up and you get LOTS more conspiracy theorists.
I don't think Hillary Clinton will get any sort of political honeymoon like George W Bush or Barack Obama enjoyed. — © Christopher Michael Cillizza
I don't think Hillary Clinton will get any sort of political honeymoon like George W Bush or Barack Obama enjoyed.
Halloween without kids is tremendously bad.
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are, and have been, totally known. Also, broadly disliked.
I think what it is is do not depend on the president to get you over the line. Do not depend on the fundraising, on the turnout operation, the president's own popularity, because it's not going to work.
There are no more slow weeks. I realized this about 3 years ago. Downtime in politics isn't a thing.
Halloween with kids is top 5 holiday.
Prominent Democratic strategists are growing increasingly nervous that the national political environment is not only bad for their side but moving in the wrong direction in the final days before the election, a trend that not only could cost their party control of the Senate but also result in double-digit House losses.
I don't think we can rule out a wave, I think a Democratic takeover is possible but not probable.
Being freaked out doesn't mean you can fix what you perceive to be the problem.
I was very surprised Barack Obama called Donald Trump "unfit to serve" during a press conference with the prime minister of Singapore. That is the sort of full-weight-of-the-presidency thing that I don't necessarily expect from Obama. So, why did he do it? I think he not only genuinely dislikes Trump but believes Trump would be dangerous as the commander-in-chief.
Trump staying disciplined and on message is not what Donald Trump wants. He views himself as a tremendously gifted natural communicator who connects best with people when he is riffing without notes or preparation.
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