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Christopher Ruddy

Christopher Ruddy is an American journalist who is the CEO and majority owner of Newsmax Media.

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I think the American people out in the heartland have a different view than the people in Washington.
Isn't it a little strange the FBI director has a private conversation with the president. Instead of saying to the president, Mr. President, you're new to this job. You're not a legal law enforcement guy. What you're saying is inappropriate to me.
I think Donald Trump is very uninterested in his business. In the past he would be talking up his business, but since the election, I've seen almost a laser-like focus on his job as president. What gets him lit up the most in any conversation is bringing jobs into these midwestern states that have suffered because of technology and trade policies.
Donald Trump moves in two parallel tracks at the same time. There's the controversial political guy that's always out there with his tweets. He comes from a showbiz background, as well as a very successful career in finance and real estate. He loves sometimes the controversy more than some people - the press thinks they're totally aggravating him. He sometimes thrives on the public controversy and the hitting back. Meanwhile, he's very results-oriented. He knows that the American people are going to judge him by his performance on the economy, on jobs, on national security.
Donald Trump is the most media savvy guy ever to sit down in the Oval Office. β€” Β© Christopher Ruddy
Donald Trump is the most media savvy guy ever to sit down in the Oval Office.
What world leader is considered the most controversial and everyone has a view of him? That's Putin.
I still consider Bill Clinton a friend and Donald Trump a friend. Some day in the future, President Clinton could be a big asset to President Trump in a lot of his outreach.
Another Quarter Pounder sometimes seems like a good idea- but I always regret later. Only in hindsight do we see how God would not let us settle for our well-intentioned but limited desires, but called us- sometimes weeping and kicking- to something more enduring and satisfying.
People generally have the idea that Donald Trump is a great communicator. And the press has acknowledged this guy has extraordinary communication skills. I think what doesn't come through is his humility. I know some people might laugh at that comment, and he likes promoting his brand. But at times he can be extremely humble. He likes people and wants to help people.
Donald Trump entered show business in his early 50s and becomes a celebrity for 15 years. He decides he wants to officially run for president and doesn't really know the inside politics business, and masters it, beats 15 opponents. Then he wins and defeats the Clinton machine... He's a very fast learner. He will figure out the presidency and governing very quickly.
I don't think Trump is naΓ―ve about the Russians... I don't see him giving any chips away. Trump is a much better negotiator than Vladimir Putin. He is not going to be taken.
Donald Trump has taken a lot of positions that are anti-establishment. Donald likes the idea that he can maybe break through. Putin obviously likes him.
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