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Explore popular quotes and sayings by an American novelist Christopher Willard.
Christopher Willard

Christopher Willard is an American-born novelist, critic, short story writer and visual artist.

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Without intent all painting is meaningless. — © Christopher Willard
Without intent all painting is meaningless.
What makes you think painting is any less difficult than brain surgery?
One of Cezanne's unfinished paintings... appears to be a completed work even though only a few strokes of paint have been put down. My methods are similar... I expect each of my paintings to appear whole in every stage.
Make a child a painting and he'll be happy for a day. Teach a child to paint and he'll be miserable for a lifetime.
Some people who look at abstract art say 'I could do that.' A good response is, 'Go ahead but then you'll be accused of copying.
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