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Chubby Checker

Chubby Checker is an American rock and roll singer and dancer. He is widely known for popularizing many dance styles, including The Twist dance style, with his 1960 hit cover of Hank Ballard & The Midnighters' R&B song "The Twist", and the Pony dance style with the 1961 cover of the song "Pony Time". However, his best-known song is the hit "Let's Twist Again", released one year later ; that year he also popularized the song "Limbo Rock", originally a previous year instrumental hit by the Champs to which he added lyrics, and its trademark Limbo dance, as well as others dance styles such as The Fly. In September 2008, "The Twist" topped Billboard's list of the most popular singles to have appeared in the Hot 100 since its debut in 1960, an honor it maintained for an August 2013 update of the list.

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When I'm onstage they know I'm honest, and I try to be as humble as I can.
I don't get the airplay that one in my position deserves. 'Twist and Shout' gets more airplay than 'The Twist,' and that's not right.
You have to be very strong to play my music. The drummer has to be in great shape. Same with the guitarist. You have to be a monster to play with Chubby! — © Chubby Checker
You have to be very strong to play my music. The drummer has to be in great shape. Same with the guitarist. You have to be a monster to play with Chubby!
I'm just grateful to be on this planet. I have no enemies that I know of. I'm just the guy who makes happy.
Michael Jackson is the most awesome person who ever walked onstage. He was just incredible.
When I play in Atlantic City, I perform Tuesdays through Sundays for two weeks, and I have 91-percent attendance. No one else plays six days a week, two shows per night, and does that kind of business.
Do you go to gym and exercise to music? Before Chubby Checker, that never happened.
I want to play main rooms in Vegas. I want to play every day like Elvis did, not just weekends.
When I hear 'The Twist,' sometimes I hear it, and I go, 'Wow - I really did that song. It could have been anybody, but it was me. Isn't that great.'
I love food, and the food industry is huge, and I just love dealing in it.
I'm in a crazy business. The music industry is really tough, and I fight for my life. I just want to make everybody happy.
People don't do the Macarena together. Or if they do, they do it to get closer, to get together. It's the same thing with the Electric Slide.
What I bring to the stage is humility. — © Chubby Checker
What I bring to the stage is humility.
Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears all the rappers, they're doing my dances and they're making billions doing my dances. When they do that little thing they do with their hands that's The Fly and The Pony.
I want my flowers while I'm alive.
I compare the Twist to the electric light, The Twist is me, and I'm it. I'm the electric light.
God's got something for me. I have faith it'll be OK.
Chubby Checker changed the dance floor.
Before I got in this business I was in the chicken business.
History was made the day Chubby Checker went on 'Bandstand' with 'The Twist.'
Ever see a little kid walking around talking to himself? I'm the same way.
I hope that I am out of the music business when I meet God.
I was 17 or 18 when 'The Twist' came along, and the rest is history. Sometimes I regret it. I would have gotten more into acting. I would have been more of a legitimate performer onstage like Liza Minnelli. But I got so caught up in the dance thing that I never got into theater.
Dancing, apart to music with a beat, is my legacy.
When I go on stage, I'm a different man. I become Chubby Checker, And when I'm not Chubby Checker, I'm preparing to be him.
This is my greatest regret - that my music is not being played, and more people aren't seeing Chubby Checker. That's very painful for me. Many nights, I have tears in my eyes about that.
I want people to look at a checkerboard and think of me!
Homey don't quit. What else are you gonna do? It's like those guys in the cartoon they get up in the morning, check the clock and fight all day and after it's over they check the clock and go home. That's how it goes.
Fame was a mixed blessing for me because I thought I could be as big as I wanted to be, and then I realized that I couldn't because of the racist element in the record business.
Of all the '60s - there was Elvis, there was the Beatles, there was the British invasion, Jimmy Hendrix, and Woodstock - the No. 1 record was 'The Twist.'
By 11th grade, I was in show business as a professional.
Everybody in the '80s, well, we hate rap. Now, the biggest rapper in the world... Eminem. Rap's a black thing.
My outlet is my music, and it's been this way since I was 4 years old.
It takes a real soldier to stay in the music industry and live off the things that have been put before me and be able to survive all this time because it has not been easy.
I was born in South Carolina. On my dad's farm, I didn't have much. I'm just a poor kid who worked in a produce market. — © Chubby Checker
I was born in South Carolina. On my dad's farm, I didn't have much. I'm just a poor kid who worked in a produce market.
When you throw your hands up in the air like you just don't care, you're doing 'The Fly' by Chubby Checker!
Do you realize that I have had five albums in the Top 30. Elvis and The Beatles have never done that. I had five singles in the Top 5, I mean, no one's ever done that.
Being on 'Bandstand' was like getting a Nobel Prize. From 3 o'clock in the afternoon until 5:30, nobody was on the street. They were watching 'Bandstand.'
The only difference between The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, and Chubby Checker is that they get their music played on the radio.
Besides, at 62 years old I look like I'm about 27.
What turns me on is to walk into a sold-out venue. The audiences are so much the same as they were in the '60s. It's just an amazing thing. I can't explain it, but I hope it never stops.
Alexander Graham Bell brought us the telephone. He owns the telephones in the buildings. Thomas Edison owns the lightbulb. Whether they took it and did things to improve it, he's the guy. Now on the dance floor, that belongs to Chubby Checker.
Every limbo boy and girl, all around the limbo world. Gonna do the limbo rock, all around the limbo clock.
I am the Alexander Graham Bell of the phone company, the Christopher Columbus of America because after 'The Twist' everything changed, .. Watch the films from 1958 up to 1959, and watch American Bandstand during that time. After the song came out, everything was different.
Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack go under the limbo stick. — © Chubby Checker
Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack go under the limbo stick.
When the baby is older take the diapers off, my girl is gonna do the Slop.
You wave your hands up to the sky, kick your legs to the side. Are you ready, let's do the Freddie.
Wiggle like a stick, wobble like a duck, that's what you do when you do the Hucklebuck.
Hooka Tooka, my soda cracker, does your momma chaw tobacca?
Elvis, you're still King.
The gist of the Twist is chiefly in the hips
I've got a girl that I love so, hey Loddy Loddy Lo.
I compare the Twist to the electric light, The Twist is me, and Im it. Im the electric light.
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