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Charles Albert Horner is a retired United States Air Force four-star general. He was born in Davenport, Iowa and attended the University of Iowa, as part of the Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps program. On June 13, 1958, Horner was commissioned into the Air Force Reserve. During the Vietnam War, he flew in combat as a Wild Weasel pilot and received the Silver Star. During Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm, he commanded the American aerial forces, as well as those of the American allies. During the Desert Shield phase of the conflict, Horner briefly served as Commander-in-ChiefΒ β€” Forward of United States Central Command; while General Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr. was still in the United States. He currently serves on the board of directors for the United States Institute of Peace.

Born: October 19, 1936

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Nuclear Obsolete Weapon
The nuclear weapon is obsolete. I want to get rid of them all. β€” Β© Chuck Horner
The nuclear weapon is obsolete. I want to get rid of them all.
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