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Chunky Pandey

Suyash Panday, better known by his stage name Chunky Panday, is an Indian actor who works in Bollywood films. He has appeared in over 100 films in a career that has spanned over three decades.

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I could not keep my success. I had such a great run. By 93-94, it all came to an end and I had to go to Bangladesh and work there.
I would love 'Aankhen 2' to happen. I would have Govinda and I play these two brothers and having kids who can take it forward.
In 'Begum Jaan,' a lot of people did not recognize me as my look was different. That is the big thing and it means you have gone so much into your character. — © Chunky Pandey
In 'Begum Jaan,' a lot of people did not recognize me as my look was different. That is the big thing and it means you have gone so much into your character.
I am a great one for just taking it easy and lazing around.
Since childhood, I have always rooted for the villains. I would wish the villain beat the hero and get away with everything.
Gone are the days when people used to sit together and watch a show together. Today, it is all about become individual viewing. You miss a show, you can watch it on an app, while traveling, while sitting in your own rooms.
I have eaten grasshoppers in Thailand, snails in France, ostrich in Australia, crocodile in South Africa and Polar Bear meat in Moscow.
I admit I'm a miser! The most generous thing I've done is get married!
I always wanted to play a negative role.
I think in every 'Housefull,' we keep making most dialogues on set. I think it's been a lot of fun. I hope we make 'Housefull 50' also one day.
In fact, both my parents were doctors but I was a duffer.
To stand up against Amitabh Bachchan in 'Bade Miyan Chote Miyan,' you need to be a good actor to be able to do that.
My first interaction with Vidya Balan was inside her vanity van and I was dressed up in my character. As I stepped into her van, she looked at me and screamed. That was like a compliment for me.
What I want to do now is to play a dark character. I want a role that taps into my dark side and it will be a refreshing change for me after all the comic roles. — © Chunky Pandey
What I want to do now is to play a dark character. I want a role that taps into my dark side and it will be a refreshing change for me after all the comic roles.
When I had signed my first film, I had not even told my family about it.
I believe an actor should be shameless.
I don't think about money when it comes to films.
I got my big movie break thanks to an emergency in a five star hotel bathroom. I was attending a film party, wearing a kurta pajama. At the washroom, I could not open the pajama knot and was screaming for help. Pahlaj Nihalani was there and he helped me out. And before I knew it, I was in front of the camera for my first feature film, 'Aag Hi Aag!'
I find doing emotional scenes very tough, it is very challenging for me.
People should take me more seriously.
I have been around for 33 years and I don't have a filmy background. I don't know if I am an insider or an outsider but I have never felt any discrimination.
I think comedy is very easy. Its all in the writing. If the writing is good and you have good director it is good.
I have never won a single award - National or Filmfare - and I just hope they don't give me a Lifetime Achievement Award because I won't accept it.
If there's anything I love after my wife and my kids, it's my toilet. I am king there.
I have a habit of collecting all my old stuff. I still have all my old clothes and old cars, but my wife spends all my money.
Today you see so many lady-boys in Bangkok roaming the streets where they have even removed their Adam's apple through surgery to look like girls. That's tampering with nature, but I feel if one needs to do little things to look good as we are in the looks business, then one shouldn't hesitate to do plastic surgery.
Failure is quite easy to handle because no one is looking at you. Success is difficult to keep and not everyone could handle it.
Whatever I do, I enjoy myself.
I should have got a better deal in my career, but everything has its time. You can't rush things, feel remorse or regret.
I don't think I am restricting myself to doing only comedy; I am hoping that someone offers me something else.
You get into depression when you are sitting at home and have no work, especially after being at the top of your game.
I am a Big B fan.
When you do a good film, it will remain forever.
If I have to start my career afresh, I would like to repeat everything, good or bad, which I did in the past 33 years.
My gurus were Dharmendra and Shatrughan Sinha.
When I came back to Hindi cinema, I realized a generation had forgotten me completely.
In showbiz, so much success and fame comes your way and then it passes on to someone else.
I have done comedy and now I did a negative role. So for future I guess I wanna do an emotional character and make my audience cry. — © Chunky Pandey
I have done comedy and now I did a negative role. So for future I guess I wanna do an emotional character and make my audience cry.
'Click' is a horror film and a first for me. People think I always had a face good enough to do films of this genre. So now I'd take that as a compliment.
Comedy completely depends on the script and the type of dialogues we get. Comedy is dependent on time and so I will say comedy is tougher than being a villain.
Though I was nominated for awards for films like 'Tezaab' and 'Apna Sapna Money Money' but I never won an award. Now I am not even nominated for any awards but still I attend the award functions as I love being there despite figuring prominently in a lot of leg pulling that goes around in the award ceremonies.
It requires a lot of courage for someone to cast me in something else. I am just hoping that someone sees something else in me other than comedy.
In 1993 after giving a blockbuster 'Aankhen,' I had no work. I was sitting at home for a year.
You have to write your own story, your own graph and rhythm.
If in the first 30 seconds, a comedian cannot bring a smile to your face, he is not an entertainer.
There is no point dwelling on the past because each day is a new beginning.
I often tell my daughter that it is very easy to handle failure because when you are a failure, nobody is bothered about you. Nobody will look at you even if you cry. But when you are successful, then it becomes difficult or even impossible to handle it.
Look at Sridevi. She is going to be remembered forever for her films.
I never go by past accolades or failures. — © Chunky Pandey
I never go by past accolades or failures.
If you cash in on people, then they aren't your friends.
I am playing Elvis Presley in 'Hello Darling.' The project is really exciting for me because I get to play my idol.
I would like to become 'Dilavar' from 'Muqaadar Ka Sikander' played by Amjad Khan. That is the kind of negativity a villain should have.
I believe you must try everything in life.
I have always been inspired by the versatility of both Kader Khan and Shakti Kapoor.
I have made mistakes in my career by associating with films which were mediocre because I needed money at that time.
I am an extremely adventurous eater and an avid lover of spicy food.
Ananya is a very happy soul, who won't get bogged down by insecurities. I have told her to not imitate anyone.
I have realized that there is no point doing a small film.
I get very excited when I see Govinda on-screen. I love him. What a great actor, there is no better actor than him in the country.
The most important and invaluable lesson I've learnt in the past 20 years of being in filmdom is to never look back.
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