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Ciara Renee

Ciara RenΓ©e Harper is an American actress and musician. She is best known for her roles on Broadway as The Witch in Big Fish, the Leading Player in Pippin, and Elsa in Frozen. She played Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame at Paper Mill Playhouse and La Jolla Playhouse. She starred as Kendra Saunders / Hawkgirl in the CW series DC's Legends of Tomorrow, a spin-off of Arrow and The Flash. Her vocal type is mezzo-soprano.

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I've never really had a fear of heights; in fact, I love being up high, so hanging from wires high above everyone's head has always sort of felt natural for me.
We all wish we could find and embrace our voice, our strength.
I was not an avid comic book reader as a kid. β€” Β© Ciara Renee
I was not an avid comic book reader as a kid.
I grew up watching sci-fi and Justice League and all those kinds of things.
You can never take those you love for granted, and you have to be willing to be open and really communicate with one another to make any relationship work. And that's just it: relationships take work, and they take compromise and compassion and understanding.
Whitney Houston and Ella Fitzgerald are my musical mothers. I learned everything I know about true R&B, pop and jazz singing from these stunning performers and unparalleled musicians.
I did a lot of trapeze stuff when I did 'Pippin' and continued to do it afterward. Flying is so fun, and I was used to the harness idea, but these harnesses are like intense, full bodysuit things.
My older brother Billy was really into video games, and of course I followed suit. I was such a dork - I was so geeky!
I came to New York with two bags, my guitar and my laptop. I set my stuff down and immediately ran to an audition.
My favorite special skill on my resume is 'excellent monkey noises.'
I go down the street thinking, 'Oh my God, I live in New York.' But then I think, 'Oh my God, I'm on Broadway!'
I loved working on 'The Flash.' I love the team there.
I wasn't instructed to do any special training for 'Hawkgirl,' but I had started boxing a few weeks prior and stuck with that for several months leading up to the start of production.
My mother is a Senior Casualty Claims Specialist I, which in layman's terms means the head insurance adjuster!
I think we see too much female-on-female hating each other on TV. We should stick together.
My general audition song is almost always 'Man That Got Away.' β€” Β© Ciara Renee
My general audition song is almost always 'Man That Got Away.'
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