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Cindy Blackstock

Cindy Blackstock is a Canadian Gitxsan activist for child welfare and executive director of the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada. She is also a professor for the School of Social Work at McGill University.

Born: 1964

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Gorsuch, who is a U.S. Supreme Court nominee in the United States, said the real test of law is when a government can lose in its own courts and still respect the order. And I think Canadian need to ask is why would Canada, if it's doing everything right, why wouldn't you want to be watched? If they are contesting the fact that their own courts don't have jurisdiction over the government's human rights violations, then our next step is to go to federal court and find the federal government that can come to court and we will do that.
Words don't change children's lives. Real action by the government and equality would. — © Cindy Blackstock
Words don't change children's lives. Real action by the government and equality would.
I really believe in the goodness of Canadians. The idea that everyone should be given an equal opportunity to succeed in this country and particularly for children.
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