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Cindy Hyde-Smith

Cindy Hyde-Smith is an American politician serving as the junior United States senator from Mississippi since 2018. A member of the Republican Party, she was previously the Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce and a member of the Mississippi State Senate.

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The Conscience Protection Act would ensure no one is coerced to participate in abortions or to provide abortion coverage.
My staff in Washington and in the state will be dedicated to constituent services and the best representation for our state.
I am humbled and inspired by the ultimate sacrifice made by so many Mississippians on behalf of our nation, and the families they left behind. — © Cindy Hyde-Smith
I am humbled and inspired by the ultimate sacrifice made by so many Mississippians on behalf of our nation, and the families they left behind.
I am pro-life and always have been.
I have great respect for Senator Cochran and the years of service he gave to Mississippi and the nation. I'll do my best to measure up to the standard he set as public servant - and as a pianist.
It is also our responsibility to fulfill our promises to our veterans, to help those in need, and to support their strength and resilience. Ensuring that we take care of them and their families is a responsibility entrusted to all of us.
The VA MISSION Act is one of the first bills I was fortunate enough to support and see enacted into law.
Music copyright and licensing laws haven't kept up with technology or the times. The Music Modernization Act fixes that with a comprehensive set of reforms that will help musicians receive royalties they are owed while ensuring the public has access to that music.
To the veterans in Mississippi and across the nation, thank you for your bravery and commitment to preserving this great country. I am truly honored and humbled by your service.
As a nation, we must honor the service and sacrifice made by Service members - past and present - to defend our nation and protect the American way of life.
USDA Rural Development is responsible for helping rural counties and small communities provide public services and foster economic growth. Often these investments help fill gaps that are hard to overcome with a rural tax base.
The financial hardships caused by COVID-19 puts some renters and homeowners at risk of becoming homeless, which could mean greater risk of contracting and spreading the coronavirus for families.
The Constitution entrusts the Senate with the duty to provide to the President the 'advice and consent' for a lifetime appointment on the United States Supreme Court. It is a serious responsibility.
Local airports serve an important role as economic and public safety assets for communities across the state. — © Cindy Hyde-Smith
Local airports serve an important role as economic and public safety assets for communities across the state.
The Coast Guard has a strong presence in Mississippi and on its waterways.
It is a great honor to serve Mississippi as its first female United States Senator.
Judge Kavanaugh has an exemplary record of service to the judiciary and the rule of law.
I believe we must stay focused on policies that will help put more Mississippians to work and make our economy stronger.
I believe Judge Kavanaugh will be a justice whose adherence to the Constitution and the rule of law will be a credit to the Court and all Americans.
President Trump has selected qualified, conservative nominees to serve in the federal judiciary and his administration.
The importance of the Army Corps of Engineers to public safety and economic activity in Mississippi can't be understated.
President Trump and his administration have made an intensive effort to roll back President Obama's big-government regulations, the worst of which was the Waters of the United States rule. That rule was the poster child for overreaching bureaucrats giving the federal government far-reaching powers over individual landowners.
Union membership should not be a condition for employment, and workers should have the freedom to exercise their right to determine how their hard-earned money is spent.
We all have a role in keeping our communities safe. We also owe a measure of gratitude to the men and women in law enforcement who dedicate their lives on a daily basis to protect us.
World War I was the deadliest conflict the world had ever known. Veterans Day originated from the American people recognizing that a heavy debt of gratitude was due to the veterans of that brutal conflict.
Public safety and emergency preparedness is essential.
The State Revolving Fund helps rural communities and water associations afford to make improvements to their water infrastructure to ensure Mississippians have access to clean and safe drinking water.
When I was in the Mississippi Legislature, we worked to establish the Mississippi Rural Physicians Scholarship Program to help address the shortage of physicians in the rural areas of the state.
The challenges facing our Armed Forces are increasingly complex.
I am committed to doing everything I can to represent the priorities of all Mississippians, and will continue to work to advance the needs of our state and the nation.
I'm excited to work with my colleagues to advance President Trump's policies and advance the needs of our state and the nation.
I will promote a positive agenda focused on issues important to Mississippians.
Empowering communities by leveraging federal and local investments helps improve the federal-local relationship and advance shared priorities.
Iran is an unapologetic sponsor of global terrorism, and cutting off Iran's ability to finance those activities is necessary.
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a strong start to help Mississippi families keep more of their hard-earned money and to help small businesses create jobs.
Judge Kavanaugh never wavered from his vow not to buckle under political or public pressure, which is a characteristic we need in a Supreme Court justice.
Believing in the sanctity of life also shouldn't expose anyone to discrimination or penalties for declining to support abortion.
It is simply unfair for the Internal Revenue Service to lay claim to the bulk of a small business or farm when a death occurs. Federal tax policy should instead be geared toward helping the next generation keep these family-owned operations alive.
I don't know many people without pre-existing conditions. — © Cindy Hyde-Smith
I don't know many people without pre-existing conditions.
Our servicemen and woman need to know that Congress has their back by making resources available to modernize, train, and equip them so they can continue to protect vital U.S. security interests.
Mississippi State University and other institutions are established leaders in the development and integration of unmanned aerial systems.
Leveraging the global finance system against Iran and other rogue nations that sponsor terrorism is a position I'm happy to take.
Upgrading and replacing deficient wastewater systems will help improve service to customers and protect the Gulf, both of which are important for future growth on the coast.
Hazardous weather poses unique challenges for rural communities like many throughout our state.
When we can educate and train our workforce and simultaneously match their skills with jobs, we will generate opportunities to keep our homegrown talent in-state and provide sustainable economic growth for Mississippi.
I know firsthand how our being such a rural state presents challenges to healthcare.
Voting on a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court is one of the most important duties of a U.S. Senator.
Mississippi is home to a significant level of national defense work, such as shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing, and critical research.
Obamacare is not working for Mississippians, who have had fewer choices and higher costs since that bill was passed. — © Cindy Hyde-Smith
Obamacare is not working for Mississippians, who have had fewer choices and higher costs since that bill was passed.
Generations of American men and women have served our country in the Armed Forces and sacrificed to protect our freedoms.
Army Corps activities have a significant impact on the health, public safety, and overall quality of life for many Mississippians.
Modernizing the U.S. Navy is a key component of rebuilding our military.
Gold Star Families Remembrance Week gives us an opportunity to honor and recognize the sacrifices made by the families of members of the Armed Forces who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms and secure our nation.
I believe Judge Kavanaugh is a well-qualified conservative jurist, and I commend President Trump for his commitment to naming Supreme Court justices who are committed to the rule of law.
I hope the families of those who perished on the U.S.S. Oklahoma will find comfort and peace in knowing their loved ones' service in defense of our Nation helped in the ultimate fight to protect our liberty.
The use of drones to improve public safety, agriculture and other uses will only increase.
Music is in Mississippi's DNA, whether it's the blues, country music, folk, or rock 'n' roll. It's not just a source of cultural pride, but also a strong contributor to our economy.
Mississippi farmers and ranchers continually deal with factors that can mean disaster, which is why they look for certainty and flexibility in farm programs.
I've assembled a team with a broad variety of experiences to lead my Senate office.
Everyone understands that penalizing people for pre-existing condition is unfair.
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