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Ciputra or Tjiputra was an Indonesian businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He founded Ciputra Group, one of Indonesia's largest real estate companies, with three subsidiaries, including Ciputra Development, listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange. Known as one of Indonesia's most generous philanthropists, he established ten schools, the Ciputra University of Entrepreneurship in Surabaya, and the Ciputra Artpreneur Museum in Jakarta.

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Indonesia was colonized for 350 years. We lost our mind-set for entrepreneurship. We only become workers.
Because I like to think, I find it difficult to sleep, and because I find it difficult to sleep, I think.
The richest Indonesians have maybe $5 billion. Bill Gates has $50 billion. — © Ciputra
The richest Indonesians have maybe $5 billion. Bill Gates has $50 billion.
A dream will not become an innovation if there is no realization.
Other than much needed infrastructure development, local administrations in Papua must encourage entrepreneurship and creativity.
The heart of the entrepreneur can beat freely in anyone.
Asmat has natural and cultural treasures that await exploration.
I am healthy because of my strict diet. I can eat anything, but I don't eat everything.
Since I was a kid, I liked construction.
Being an entrepreneur means the ability to think out of the box by putting away our fear of any risk, including financial.
Even primitive areas can produce a superstar.
It's not wise to limit firms' expansion projects. Let us only be limited by the market.
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