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Ciro Immobile

Ciro Immobile is an Italian professional footballer who captains and plays as a striker for Serie A club Lazio, and serves as their all time top scorer, and the Italy national team.

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I've followed Dortmund since I was seven and they beat Juventus in the Champions League. I was intrigued by them because I know how passionate their fans are.
Matthaus is a legend of the German game and he can say whatever he wants.
I've turned into a full-back who pushes forwards whereas in Italy usually the full-back concentrates more on defending. — © Ciro Immobile
I've turned into a full-back who pushes forwards whereas in Italy usually the full-back concentrates more on defending.
Only by playing games regularly will I be able to hit my peak.
Prandelli knows me, he knows how hard I work.
Klopp is a great expert in football and I always said that I'd have liked to work with him when I was in my best form. He is a complete coach, he has everything.
Inzaghi is certainly the coach I got along best with.
I'd like to be a few years at Sevilla, I hope to find a family in this team.
It's an honour to play with the Italy jersey.
With Conte, everyone has to earn his starting place.
Lewandowski is past, I am the future.
Everyone wants to be in the national team so I will have to give it my best.
Joining Lazio at 26 years old, I'm in my prime. — © Ciro Immobile
Joining Lazio at 26 years old, I'm in my prime.
It's always important to score even if it is not in an official game.
The Lazio striker always has great responsibilities.
I will always be grateful to Juventus because they brought me through and let me go when we had different needs.
I don't know if I'll end my career here. Perhaps by the time I am 33, Lazio will be so successful that they need more important players than me.
I think I can play along with Balotelli, but I do not make the decisions.
Inzaghi is a complete European coach.
I'm a striker and obviously I live to score.
Would I like to wear the Napoli shirt in the future? Certainly, they are the team of my city.
Klopp is a coach with a lot of charisma.
I was close to Napoli and it's true that I did hope to one day play for them, but I am so happy here that after arriving at Lazio, I stopped thinking about it.
A specific number of goals can never be promised, but I'll always give everything on the pitch.
A return to Juventus? I do not think that will happen.
My goal is to play with a club in the Champions League.
Lewandowski is a great player.
Klopp really likes the way I pay and fight for every ball. He sees me as a true warrior.
When you are not playing much and you expect to play more, it is normal to think of the market. That's the modern game.
People only remember what they want to remember. — © Ciro Immobile
People only remember what they want to remember.
All coaches now look for forwards who not only score goals but also run back and help in midfield.
I like to attack the spaces, move around a lot and make cuts.
When a striker does well it is normal that he is courted by other teams.
I could have given more and I'm sorry about how it all ended, but I still look back on my time in Germany positively.
I just do what the coach asks.
Borussia Dortmund was the best solution for me. I wanted to have an experience abroad and in the Champions League. Then there are the fans - it was said they always supported the team, but I didn't think like this.
I think I am going to be part of a success story at Lazio.
To be honest, my time at Dortmund wasn't a big success. I didn't settle well at the club and eventually moved on to Sevilla. But I am forever grateful about it because it gave me the opportunity to work with Jurgen Klopp. If I didn't go to Germany, I would never have had a chance to work with him.
I will always remain a fan of Pescara. My time there was crucial to grow and improve as a player. It was my launchpad to top football.
Players often look for alibis - it's easy to give the blame to others. — © Ciro Immobile
Players often look for alibis - it's easy to give the blame to others.
Theoretically in Germany there is more space because it is less tactical.
The records only count when we have won silverware.
Borussia Dortmund are a huge club and the idea of replacing Lewandowski really appeals to me.
I don't see my season with Dortmund negatively. There were some real problems there in the dressing room and they were going through a generation change.
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