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Clare B. Dunkle

Clare B. Dunkle is an American children's fantasy author and librarian.

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Em, I am trying to have an important conversation!" shouted Seylin. "I will not change into a cat!
I had no fear of the stream's perils, and I listened with the greatest contentment to the quiet slap of water on rocks, the running whisper of the current, and the taps and creaks and croaks that rose with the mist around me. Overhead swing the glittering stars, and the bright moon shone down and lit the curling ripples of the water. At no time in my life had I been in greater danger from the elements, and yet if I learned that heaven is such as that night was, I should deem it a joy worth the dying.
Mom actually said that?" Cassie's face shown with happiness. "She always hated my math! β€” Β© Clare B. Dunkle
Mom actually said that?" Cassie's face shown with happiness. "She always hated my math!
Mom actually said that?" Cassie's face shown with happiness. "She always hated my math!" "Nah," Martin said. "She was just being that way for you. She thought it was what you needed to hear. If parents told us what they really think about stuff, we could figure them out like regular people.
For how many generations now had his people been turning their backs on things? How long had they sat in their living rooms and watched other people die?
Lively, intelligent, and quite immature, [Emily] usually burst out with exactly the comment that summed up the situation beautifully and therefore could never in politeness be said.
Kate had never in her life seen such frightful deformities, and the goblins had never seen such a hideous dress.
Kate felt very offended. 'I am not an elf,' she insisted. 'I'm an Englishwoman!
That's exactly how I want you to feel. When you finish this book, I want you to be filled with curiosity. I want you to say, β€œI have to find out what happens next,” and then I want you to head to your nearest library or bookstore to pick up a copy of Wuthering Heights.
Being a writer means crying over the sad parts, even though you already know it’s going to be okay.
Forks are absurd, he scoffed. They insult your food. They make it think you're killing it twice.
Don't fret. We'll just have to find something else you're good at besides killing people.
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