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Clarence Manion

Clarence "Pat" Manion was an American conservative radio talk show host and dean of Notre Dame Law School. He hosted the radio show Manion Forum which later aired on television.

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Mere form without substance must collapse of its own weight. — © Clarence Manion
Mere form without substance must collapse of its own weight.
The honest and serious student of American history will recall that our Founding Fathers managed to write both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution without using the term 'democracy' even once. No part of any of the existing state Constitutions contains any reference to the word. [The men] who were most influential in the institution and formulation of our government refer to 'democracy' only to distinguish it sharply from the republican form of our American Constitutional system.
The Declaration of Independence is the all-time masterpiece of ideological simplification. There in a single sentence of self-evident truth, the founding Fathers put into clear, easily understandable focus, the broad basis of man's relationship to God, to government, and to his fellow man.
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