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Clarence Seedorf

Clarence Clyde Seedorf is a Dutch professional football manager and former player. He is regarded by many to be one of the best midfielders of his generation.

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Of course African teams are underachieving when you think of what their potential is.
I wish I could hug all the fans one by one.
I would love to play in the Premier League; which player wouldn't? I am happy at AC Milan, but never say never. — © Clarence Seedorf
I would love to play in the Premier League; which player wouldn't? I am happy at AC Milan, but never say never.
As a player, I've always been interested in understanding the coaches' minds, in seeing how they made a group function.
If you're a talented player, and you're 20 years old, you should be playing in the UEFA Champions League or in the elite European teams like AC Milan, Juventus, or Chelsea.
Education is the key solution for change, for peace, and for help in the fight against racism and discrimination in general.
Football is part of my life, but it is not all of my life.
I think about Milan from morning to night, and there is certainly no lack of effort and desire on my part.
I have the quality and the experience and can give that little bit extra to the squad.
Companies and football teams have become successful precisely because of how diverse they are.
When I make criticism, it's constructive. It's not right only to focus on the negatives.
When you have ambition, then it's never enough to win.
People don't come to the stadiums for every match because if there is a game every three days, it is difficult. You need to make games more exclusive and make them more special.
Football can help carve a more diverse world. — © Clarence Seedorf
Football can help carve a more diverse world.
There's no guarantee of winning, even if you are the best players and the best team.
Players don't trust most of the people around them.
Let's say that the teams I played in were all excellent. I played with many, many great players and incredible teams.
I am a winner - and I like to win - but I cannot think that, if I lose, I did not do a good job, because there are other external factors involved.
I had a great time with Botafogo, and I am sure they will acquit themselves very well in the Libertadores.
Unfortunately, results are the only thing that some people look at, but there is more to defining success than just stats.
My last game, scoring a goal, was incredible.
Unfortunately, the life of a player is not forever.
We need to educate young people, give them the possibility to understand that the diversity is positive, to feel and experience it, so that they can then join forces in promoting more diverse world.
Globalisation has changed the world, and football is the perfect instrument to set an example and to help adapt to this new world.
The DNA of AC Milan is something I have inside me.
For me, winning isn't just about lifting the cup, the trophy - it's about giving your maximum, on and off the pitch.
I have been fortunate to work with many great coaches and also in different countries, and I have taken a bit from all of them - Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and Brazilian football.
Rijkaard was my idol, but we have different qualities, even if at the beginning we played in the same position.
When I am in Holland, I feel negative feelings. That must change.
Who does not talk cannot be judged. Who does not shoot the penalty cannot miss.
I'm on a mission partly to make a difference in the world for the better, starting with the kids. They are the future.
I'm not Zidane and not Rui Costa, but I have qualities - I can create assists - but I have to step up a level to become like those two.
I was born a trequartista, and have adapted myself to playing in other roles.
My humbleness and the work I do each day speak for me.
All the games we play are worth the same because we can aim to get points in the league. Milan wants to fight until the end in the league and wants to compete with everyone until the last match day.
If I was happy with three trophies, then suddenly I had to have four. If I was happy with four, then I had to have five.
If I could have played on another five years, I would have stayed here because Botafogo have a young, competitive team. We've improved not only technically but also as a team. Even after me, Botafogo will remain great.
If you are lucky, you go to a team like Porto to mature. And if things don't go well for you, others take your place. — © Clarence Seedorf
If you are lucky, you go to a team like Porto to mature. And if things don't go well for you, others take your place.
Humanitarian work is something I've felt from very young, and I'm going to do that for sure.
My dream is to get the young people off the streets, to make it possible for them to play football in the stadium instead.
Managers lose more than they win until they get to the big 10 clubs; then, they start winning a bit more than they lose.
I began training the young players at Nova Iguacu and at Boavista, and I enjoyed it. I had always wanted to be a coach, and this accelerated the process.
Every time you win a cup, it's special, but it's a dream come true when it happens at a club where you started in the youth set-up, surrounded by friends who formed an incredible generation of players.
What I strive for is that everywhere I go, I leave a positive impact.
The secret in life is to make every obstacle into an opportunity.
If a club has the cups it has, you have to think that Real Madrid is always capable of reaching the final and winning it.
Good, young players don't compete in China or in Asia.
Everyone dreams of playing for Madrid, but we all know that it can be life or death.
I played over 130 matches, including four finals, so there have been many great moments. — © Clarence Seedorf
I played over 130 matches, including four finals, so there have been many great moments.
Once you stop wanting to improve, you start to slide. And if you want to keep winning, if you want to stay at the top, that's not something you can afford to do.
Everyone dreams of winning a European Cup final, and I was lucky to do it at just 19.
Every player can still grow - there is no limit to that. Even when I was 38, I improved myself in certain things, and that is what I will always do with my players to help them get the best out of themselves.
You have to want to improve all the time.
Winning the Champions League is a very particular feeling, but it's really the journey that makes it special.
I've been playing football for 23 years and with more than 30 nationalities; that has been a pleasure.
Great moments of entertainment, great football, unforgettable evenings. I think that's what it's all about: experience, emotions, and the special touch that the Champions League brings on and off the field.
Luck is a factor that a lot of people underestimate.
We try to bring in the best players for Cameroon: not just best in terms of talent but those who are motivated and who know what it means to play for this nation.
You can not always think about winning everything and forever.
I'm sure I will win a title with Inter.
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