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Clarence W. Barron

Clarence W. Barron was one of the most influential figures in the history of Dow Jones & Company. As a career newsman described as a "short, rotund powerhouse", he died holding the posts of president of Dow Jones and de facto manager of The Wall Street Journal. He is considered the founder of modern financial journalism.

July 2, 1855 - October 2, 1928

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Defend Dropped Field Financial Funds Globe Heat Improved Individual Interest Hide All Investors Life Light Love Orphan Public Public Interest Shot Support Truth Universe Widow Less More Hide All See All
What is an individual? Just a bit of life shot off from the one Life in the universe-just a bit of love and truth dropped on this globe, just as the globe itself was once a bit of light and heat dropped from the sun.
Everything can be improved. — © Clarence W. Barron
Everything can be improved.
You are in the field to defend the public interest, the financial truth for investors and the funds that should support the widow and the orphan.
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