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Clark Ashton Smith

Clark Ashton Smith was an American writer and artist. He achieved early local recognition, largely through the enthusiasm of George Sterling, for traditional verse in the vein of Swinburne. As a poet, Smith is grouped with the West Coast Romantics alongside Joaquin Miller, Sterling, and Nora May French and remembered as "The Last of the Great Romantics" and "The Bard of Auburn". Smith's work was praised by his contemporaries. H. P. Lovecraft stated that "in sheer daemonic strangeness and fertility of conception, Clark Ashton Smith is perhaps unexcelled", and Ray Bradbury said that Smith "filled my mind with incredible worlds, impossibly beautiful cities, and still more fantastic creatures".

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Aurora Beneath Bleak Blind Blossoms Borne Breadth Carried Charm Climber Hide All Dance Death Devil Double Dreams Earth Emperor Enormous Eternally Fall Fear Fields Flowers Forever Glance Green Growing Hair Happening Heights Hideous Horror Human Impossible Intellect Jade Knowledge Light Long Madness Meant Meant To Be Memories Memory Mercy Mountain Music Nights Orange Peacefully Planet Plants Plants And Flowers Real Rendering Rich Rooted Ruby Seething Simple Slips Soul Strips Swaying Times Vast Vision World Worldly Less More Hide All See All
In his bleak mercy, Death forever strips The soul of light and memory, rendering blind Our vision, lest surmounted deeps appal, As when on mountain-heights a glance behind Betrays with knowledge, and the climber slips Down gulfs of fear to some enormous fall.
There have been times when only a hair's-breadth has intervened betwixt myself and the seething devil-ridden world of madness; for the hideous knowledge, the horror- blackened memories which I have carried so long, were never meant to be borne by the human intellect.
Not as the plants and flowers of Earth, growing peacefully beneath a simple sun, were the blossoms of the planet Lophai. Coiling and uncoiling in double dawns; tossing tumultuously under vast suns of jade green and balas-ruby orange; swaying and weltering in rich twilights, in aurora-curtained nights, they resembled fields of rooted serpents that dance eternally to an other-worldly music.
Only the impossible has any real charm; the possible has been vulgarized by happening too often. — © Clark Ashton Smith
Only the impossible has any real charm; the possible has been vulgarized by happening too often.
Bow down, I am the emperor of dreams.
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