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Claude Brown

Claude Brown was the author of Manchild in the Promised Land, published to critical acclaim in 1965, which tells the story of his coming of age during the 1940s and 1950s in Harlem. He also published Children of Ham (1976).

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For where does one run to when he's already in the promised land? — © Claude Brown
For where does one run to when he's already in the promised land?
The language of soul. . . possesses a pronounced lyrical quality which is frequently incompatible to any music other than that ceaseless and relentlessly driving rhythm that flows from poignantly spent ideas.
I didn't know anything until December 2004 when I went to purchase a vehicle and was told there was a foreclosure on my credit and I wouldn't be able to get the car. I've still got a red flag on my credit.
Despite everything that Harlem did to our generation, I think it gave something to a few. It gave them a strength that couldn't be obtained anywhere else.
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