Top 6 Quotes & Sayings by Claude Maxwell MacDonald

Explore popular quotes and sayings by a British diplomat Claude Maxwell MacDonald.
Claude Maxwell MacDonald

Colonel Sir Claude Maxwell MacDonald, was a British soldier and diplomat, best known for his service in China and Japan.

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Bird Hard Hard Work Key To Success Life Lock Maturity Opportunity People Pick Hide All Reruns Smoke Spend Stage Success Time Walk Work Worries Less More Hide All See All
Most worries are reruns.
Maturity is a stage of life when you don't see eye to eye but can walk arm in arm.
Opportunity is a bird that never perches. — © Claude Maxwell MacDonald
Opportunity is a bird that never perches.
What isn't tried won't work.
Worriers spend a lot of time shoveling smoke.
If hard work is the key to success, most people would rather pick the lock.
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