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Claude Picasso

Claude Ruiz Picasso is a French photographer, cinematographer, movie director, visual artist, graphic designer, and businessman. He is a child of Françoise Gilot and Pablo Picasso and the older brother of Paloma Picasso; by wish on Gilot's part, he was named after Claude Gillot, a pioneering French Rococo artist and mentor to fellow artist Jean-Antoine Watteau. His name was Claude Gilot until age 12. In 1968 he met Sara Lavner (Schultz), a young woman from Brooklyn. Sara and Claude married in 1969 and divorced in 1972. He was a photographer in New York City when his father died. At the time, he had experienced a period of estrangement from his father due to his mother's memoir Life with Picasso. His father's legacy nevertheless proved important to him and he established the "Picasso Administration" to look after copyright and other legal matters.

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I could have been born into any family. I was fortunate that I was born to an artist as extraordinary as Picasso, and Picasso turned out to be the family business.
I'm not going to run around uselessly spending money. It's a matter of choosing your charity. Some people choose themselves. For me, that is not enough.
My mother tells me that I was a very busy, curious child and that I quite often challenged my father when I was little, which she thought was rather good for him! β€” Β© Claude Picasso
My mother tells me that I was a very busy, curious child and that I quite often challenged my father when I was little, which she thought was rather good for him!
I think working with the primal elements of fire and earth appealed greatly to my father because of the almost magical results.
You try all kinds of things when you are young and hopeful.
I think what I most admired about my father was his extraordinary courage. He had such energy to pursue whatever he wanted, and he really didn't care what others thought.
I remember so well my father's complete concentration when he went to the studio. Everything he did, every movement he made, he did with complete concentration. Then, after he had finished work, he would go to the beach or whatever, and then he would enjoy play and forget about his work.
When you look at my father's works, he systematically dated everything. He also wanted to document what he knew would be the work of the century.
I have tried to bring the family together. My father should have done it, and to some extent, I have succeeded.
Blank paper always symbolizes the anxiety of the painter.
You can never get two members of the family to agree on anything.
Of course we'd rather not see Picasso teacups and sheets.
My father had been an avid fan of Chaplin during the silent film days, but when the talkies came along, my father lost all interest in movies.
Pablo Picasso was generous. But he always signed and dedicated his gifts even when he knew that people would sell them because they needed the money.
I think it's a pity for him that my father didn't have the pleasure of seeing me grow up. I think he missed out on something. But it doesn't matter. It's boring. I don't have any anger about it.
I loved being my father's audience and watching him in front of the mirror as he talked to himself made up like a clown.
You have laws to protect oil men, so why not artists? β€” Β© Claude Picasso
You have laws to protect oil men, so why not artists?
I don't give a damn about the money. I earn my living well enough.
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