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Claudia Emerson

Claudia Emerson was an American poet. She won the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for her poetry collection Late Wife, and was named the Poet Laureate of Virginia by Governor Tim Kaine in 2008.

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Achievement Astounding Ballet Book Brilliant Case Chloe Crow Discerning Divergent Hide All Elegant Emotion Failed Failed Relationship Family Flame Formal Forming Garden Identity Knowing Language Lasting Long Long-Lasting Mind Mother Poet Practice Predict Radically Relationship Restraint Strict Suicide Systems Traces Tulip Wise Less More Hide All See All
Chloe Honum's brilliant first book The Tulip-Flame traces an identity forming within radically divergent but interlocking systems: a family traumatized by the mother's suicide, a failed relationship, the practice of ballet, a garden-each strict, exacting. And with 'a crow's sky-knowing mind,' Honum in every case transfigures emotion by way of elegant language and formal restraint. Chloe Honum is 'one astounding flame' of a poet, and I predict a long-lasting one.
Tinted Distances is the achievement of a wise and discerning poet. — © Claudia Emerson
Tinted Distances is the achievement of a wise and discerning poet.
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