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Claudia Llosa

Claudia Llosa Bueno is a Peruvian film director, writer, producer, and author. She is recognized for her Academy-Award-nominated film The Milk of Sorrow.

Born: November 15, 1976

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We simply prefer to deny death or tragedy at all costs and, with it, a fundamental aspect of life. We do this instead of acknowledging that suffering represents one of the strongest incentives of life, which is the base of human solidarity and what brings intensity to happiness.
For me, once the film is out, it belongs to the audience, and I have to be open to any reaction that comes from it.
There is a universal urge to rethink our spirituality in order to give us a new sense of security. — © Claudia Llosa
There is a universal urge to rethink our spirituality in order to give us a new sense of security.
Filmmaking is challenging for men and women. In both cases, it is incredibly difficult. And gender is neither a guarantee of greater sensitivity, capacity for empathy or aperture.
I don't believe in misconceptions in art and films. There are always so many different ways to relate to or understand a film. I love films that give a great amount of space to the audience to explore or be active with what the film is saying.
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