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Claudia Winkleman

Claudia Anne Irena Winkleman is an English television presenter, film critic, radio personality, and journalist. Between 2004 and 2010, she presented Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two on weeknights on BBC Two. Since 2010, she has co-presented Strictly Come Dancing's main results show on Sunday nights with Tess Daly on BBC One and since 2014 has been a main co-host alongside Daly on the Saturday night live shows, following the departure of Sir Bruce Forsyth. She has twice been nominated for the British Academy Television Award for Best Entertainment Performance for her work on Strictly Come Dancing.

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Rodents are pests and not pets, and anything that manically runs around a wheel 24/7 and occasionally has 19 babies in the middle of the night should not be brought into the house.
I have always been a little bit forgetful.
I'm not sure a pretty and stupid man might be the key to a happy relationship. — © Claudia Winkleman
I'm not sure a pretty and stupid man might be the key to a happy relationship.
The truth is that tights are just so cosy.
I won a robotics championship when I was 13.
Stockings are tricky for girls - you worry about them falling down all night and the idea that you dress up at 7pm so that your boyfriend can get excited about six hours later is just too much effort.
Christmas is not a time for laughter. Christmas is a time for pain.
Left to their own devices, men would wear trainers with a pair of stonewashed jeans and would think nothing of throwing on a donkey jacket.
I'd take Tom Hollander over Brad Pitt any day.
I like small actors. They are my absolute favourite.
Being hummed at by someone with magic hands while they knead your neck is good for the soul, but it won't make you giggle for days afterwards. In fact, the second the smiley therapist stops and says, 'You can put your robe on now, the hour is up,' the joy and wonder sort of leaves the room.
Who actually enjoys skiing? Come on, even Olympic ski masters, even James Bond, think that dressing up in all that fluorescent, insulated kit and having to manoeuvre down a mountain in the freezing cold is no way to spend leisure time.
There is no film on the face of this earth that is as blatant a girl's film as '27 Dresses.'
Hiring someone to look after your children is about the most important thing you will ever do in your life. — © Claudia Winkleman
Hiring someone to look after your children is about the most important thing you will ever do in your life.
I share a birthday with Max Beesley and James Nesbitt.
I really like Jon Snow in quite an unhealthy way - he's got a jaunty tie and a fast brain.
The only question a girl can ask herself when their husband chooses to see '27 Dresses' is this: What on earth has he done?
I still have to stand on a box to post a letter.
If you asked 100 women on the street who they'd like to be, I'm sure most of them would say Kirsty Wark or Germaine Greer. Yawn. Do me a favour - they're lying.
I make a good roast chicken.
I just don't 'get' pets.
I always have eyeliner in the house. There might be no bread, we might be out of milk, but there's always eyeliner.
I loved 'Life is Beautiful' and action films are great, like 'Die Hard.' My favourite is the mob film - 'Goodfellas,' 'The Godfather,' 'Once Upon a Time In America,' anything with Robert De Niro in it.
Facebook is the first class of social networking. If MySpace is Camden Lock then Facebook is Harvey Nichols.
I prefer to stick to my old-lady goth/Steve Tyler look. I've found my look - white lipstick, black eyeliner, black clothes.
Indeed, 'Sex and the City' highlighted the importance of female friendships, and showed the world that it was hip to be single.
Now people who keep fish disturb me the most, if I'm totally honest. They always smell a bit like fish food and they know just a bit too much about eels.
Jane Austen is one of my all-time favourites.
I've always thought MySpace sounds like a new estate agency in central London run by two men who favour large-lapel suits and goatees.
Things I am allergic to: people who believe in star signs and think nothing of starting a conversation with: 'Hi, my name's Lucy. I'm a Sagittarius;' rodents (apart from miniature hamsters, which are not in fact rodents but small, breathing, brown balls of cotton wool); and people who go to the gym.
I avoid envy at all costs.
Forgetting stuff is just human, especially when other things are on our minds.
Top-flight football players are a strange bunch.
Men are, on the whole, born without any fashion sense whatsoever. I don't say this to be mean, but I'm just being honest.
There's no fun in relationships. OK - that's not strictly true. I will agree that the first bit can be not totally unpleasant. There's the initial meeting and the heart quickening and the stomach-churning excitement of it all.
My kids are the offspring of people who are doing reasonably well and live in the centre of London and the chances are they're going to turn out ghastly anyway. Who's to say they shouldn't have a walk-in wardrobe and possibly a stylist from the age of four?
A dark room with some low-level whale music and a flat bed and a woman pulling your shoulder back and forth is a happy place.
When you're down and have just split up from your partner everyone says you have to move forward. 'Get on with your life,' 'It's time to meet someone new,' and 'Don't think about the past' are phrases you'll hear for at least six months after the horrible event.
Facebook, I'm learning, is like a man. You have to be smiley and fun and witty but sometimes you have to play it cool and just ignore it for a couple of hours. — © Claudia Winkleman
Facebook, I'm learning, is like a man. You have to be smiley and fun and witty but sometimes you have to play it cool and just ignore it for a couple of hours.
Be completely honest - have you ever met someone who you thought was truly clever or interesting or witty who wore fawn?
Grown-up parties are so dull they make me want to throw a tantrum and hurl red wine on the nearest cream-damask armchair.
All my life, I have avoided any sort of exercise. I don't enjoy sweating and I think people who show off about having just done 20 press-ups are pretty weird.
Now, like a lot of parents, I have to fight with myself every time I leave the house not to buy my children more stuff.
My mum raised me in a home without mirrors. She's a staunch feminist and wanted us to know that what we look like is the least interesting thing about us.
Weddings happen once. That's the point. They're a bluster of confetti and hope all wrapped up in sticky wedding cake and four-year-old girls in big dresses with massive bows.
I love skiing. What on earth have I been doing on a beach all this time? I mean, that's for morons - you can get sunburn and really damage yourself.
If a straight man dresses well, chances are he's not straight.
The reason why those female celebrities are always in filthy moods is not because they're being hounded by men with massive cameras or because Ridley Scott cancelled their film. They just want to get their hands on a cheeseburger.
Yes, of course I love little Sarah Jessica Parker. I love the fact that when she accepts awards, she thanks everyone she's ever met and inanimate objects that have 'been kind to her.' And I love the fact that she hasn't had a flesh-coloured mole removed from her forehead (I'm not making it up; have a closer look next time she's on the screen).
I don't want to be doing anything else, I just want to be with my family. — © Claudia Winkleman
I don't want to be doing anything else, I just want to be with my family.
The character of Samantha Jones proved that women over the age of 40 could be magnificently sexy and attractive to men of all ages.
There's nothing quite as perfect as going to a dark room where you can eat fattening food next to the man you love. OK. All right. Like. The man you like.
If you meet a girl who says: 'Darling, what do you mean? Of course I wear suspenders. I've worn them all my life. I think tights are for old people,' then know this: she's desperate to have kids, she wants you and her to live in the same house as her mum, she never wants to go out and she just wants to lie on your chest for the next 15 years.
Men fill up their heads and drawers and sheds with stuff from their teenage years.
Sex and the City: The Movie' - a bit like the All Saints comeback, and the return of the Jammy Dodger, it feels a little staged and all wrong.
There's no doubt a bit of chicken in a creamy mushroom sauce with a side order of garlic mash will put a smile on your face.
I couldn't tell you my wedding anniversary (although I seem to remember it was in June. Or maybe July. Definitely a month beginning with a 'J,' anyhow. But not January. Um. I think) and people I went to school with get extremely fed up with me when I bump into them in the street and have absolutely no recollection of their faces.
Seriously, Jamie Cullum could be the smallest person on the planet. He might be lovely and charming and you might think we all should spend more time talking about his piano-playing techniques but, seriously, have you seen how short he is?
I am allergic to fancy dress. This is actual fact.
Facebook it turns out, is like MySpace but it's not scary. There aren't a lot of angry looking people with nose rings and um, issues.
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