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Claudio Sanchez

Claudio Paul Sanchez III is an American writer and musician of Puerto Rican and Italian descent best known for being the lead singer, guitarist and primary lyricist for the alternative/progressive rock group Coheed and Cambria. He is the creator of the comic book series The Amory Wars, as well as Key of Z and Kill Audio, both co-written with his wife Chondra Echert. Sanchez co-authored the novel Year of the Black Rainbow with Peter David.

Born: March 12, 1978

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Administration Adopted Adviser Advocate Affairs Agreeable American American Education Announced Anti Hide All Beautiful Bush Calls Characteristics Choice Commissioners Common Common Core Core Created Creation Dark Dark Side Deal Debate Department Dollars Donald Donald Trump Easy Ecstatic Education Elementary Escape Fact Federation Finding Forgotten George George W George W. Bush Giving Good Good Intentions Good Parts Governors Great Happy Hates Head Ideological Important Impressive Including Initially Inside Intact Intentions Intimacy Lies Life Lives Love Make Making Making Peace Michigan Nomination Nominee Office Overcome Partner Parts Peace People Person Pick Private Private School Private Schools Public Public Education Record Relationship Sandy Save School School Choice Schools Sealed Share Sharing Shiny Shiny Things Show Side Slogan State Statement States Staunch Strange Strange Way Students Supported Supporter Taking Teach Teachers Things True True Intimacy Trump Turned Years Years Ago Less More Hide All See All
[Betsy] DeVos's statement turned a well-known Trump slogan, and proclaimed, we will make American education great again. Proponents of school choice were ecstatic, including Sandy Kress, a top education adviser in George W. Bush's administration.
[Sandy] Kress says [Betsy] DeVos's record on school choice in Michigan sealed the deal.
There is no more staunch advocate for taking public dollars and giving them to private schools - private schools that can pick the students they want to teach - than Betsy DeVos.
I were but little happy could I say as much. — © Claudio Sanchez
I were but little happy could I say as much.
Sometimes you just have to let people escape with their good intentions intact.
Save in the office and affairs of love.
Randi Weingarten, head of the American Federation of Teachers, calls [Betsy] DeVos the most ideological, anti-public education nominee since the creation of the U.S. Department of Education nearly 40 years ago.
It's easy to have a relationship and show each other only the beautiful shiny things. Sharing good parts about you is elementary, so finding a partner in life can't be only about showcasing these agreeable characteristics, but also the less impressive ones. In a strange way, true intimacy lies in that dark side-in making peace with the fact that it lives inside you somewhere-so that you can share it with the person and they can be there to help you overcome it.
Donald Trump hates the Common Core, created by governors and state education commissioners, and initially adopted by 45 states. [Betsy] DeVos has actually supported the Common Core until now.
Shortly after her nomination was announced,[Betsy] DeVos tweeted, almost as if she had forgotten something important to say. And she said, I am not a supporter of the Common Core. Sandy Kress predicts that debate will die down soon enough.
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