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Clay Guida

Clayton Charles Guida is an American professional mixed martial artist, currently signed to the UFC competing in the Lightweight division. A professional competitor since 2003, Guida also formerly competed for Strikeforce, the WEC, King of the Cage, and Shooto. Guida was the inaugural Strikeforce Lightweight Champion.

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I'm far from a saint.
Most of my fights, I push the pace. I'm the aggressor.
I consider myself a very driven and intense fighter. — © Clay Guida
I consider myself a very driven and intense fighter.
I am in the Chicago Carpenters Union. They are huge supporters of mine and of MMA.
You're speechless sometimes when you think of the support you've had from the first day I've started wrestling to now.
Trust me, I've seen a lot of fighters come in hot and they disappear faster than they came in after a loss or two. This is the UFC and the best fighters in the world are here. If you fight the great fighters you're bound to lose.
In this sport, in this life, I think heart takes you a lot further than skill and technique... Just digging down deep will take you a lot further in life.
A true champion and athlete is never satisfied with their performance. You can always do more and always improve.
They say people from small towns have big dreams and that pretty much describes me. I had big dreams growing up and I'm still a dreamer.
People will respect what wrestling has to offer to this world. It will take educating themselves on more than just guys in there swinging for the fences.
My parents are hard workers and they showed me what it means to work hard. I would give a lot of the credit to my parents for where I'm at and who I am. They both worked multiple jobs to make sure me and my siblings were able to play sports and have a home. I'll never forget how hard they worked and that always motivates me.
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