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Cliff Asness

Clifford Scott Asness is an American hedge fund manager and the co-founder of AQR Capital Management.

Born: October 17, 1966

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Absolute Abuse Abuse Of Power Attempted Back Back When Band Based Benefit Books Hide All Bubble Cases Charge Choose Connecticut Core Corruption Cost Deliver Delivered Deserved Donors Double Driven Equity Fail Fees Flood Forever Four Years Free Free Speech Fundamental Fundamental Right Funds Future Generally Geneva Gifts Give Goods Goods And Services Great Greenwich Guess Hedge Hedge Fund High Hill Hundred Illegal Indexing Interference Investment Investors Involves Justify King Labor Labor Union Lenders Listing Loud Low-Cost Make Making Making Money Market Mass Material Model Money Mountains Music Necessarily Outcome People Permission Places Political Power President Price Provide Provided Public Reasonable Recently Recycled Redeem Returns Rich Rich People Rights Robbed Rule Search Seizure Sells Services Shaking Speech Steal Study Supposed Switzerland Takes Term Theory Things Thumb Time Union Use Of Power Votes World Worst Year Years Less More Hide All See All
Making mountains out of molehills sells more books than a study of molehills. — © Cliff Asness
Making mountains out of molehills sells more books than a study of molehills.
The term bubble should indicate a price that no reasonable future outcome can justify.
Market-cap based indexing will never be driven from its deserved perch as core and deserved king of the investment world. It is what we should all own in theory and it has delivered low-cost equity returns to a great mass of investors... the now and forever king-of-the-hill.
Hedge funds are investment pools that are relatively unconstrained in what they do. They are relatively unregulated (for now), charge very high fees, will not necessarily give you your money back when you want it, and will generally not tell you what they do. They are supposed to make money all the time, and when they fail at this, their investors redeem and go to someone else who has recently been making money. Every three or four years they deliver a one-in-a-hundred year flood. They are generally run for rich people in Geneva, Switzerland, by rich people in Greenwich, Connecticut.
The president's attempted diktat takes money from bondholders and gives it a labor union that delivers money and votes for him.... Shaking down lenders for the benefit of political donors is recycled corruption and the abuse of power.
You’ve got to guess at worst cases: No model will tell you that. My rule of thumb is double the worst that you have ever seen.
Listing rights generally involves enumerating things you may do without interference (the right to free speech) or may not be done to you without your permission (illegal search and seizure, loud boy-band music in public places). They are protections, not gifts of material goods. Material goods and services must be taken from others, or provided by their labor, so if you believe you have an absolute right to them, and others don't choose to provide it to you, you then have a 'right' to steal from them. But what about their far more fundamental right not to be robbed?
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