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Clifford Allbutt

Sir Thomas Clifford Allbutt was an English physician best known for his role as commissioner for lunacy in England and Wales 1889-1892, president of the British Medical Association 1920, inventing the clinical thermometer, and supporting Sir William Osler in founding the History of Medicine Society.

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Attended Beginning Believing Blooming Body Brought Chain Chamber Cinderella Circle Hide All Circles Conditions Consists Deals Development Direction Discovered Disease Diseases Disillusion Doubts Essential Expression Eyes Fallacy Forget Forgotten Grown Growth Hand Happily Harmony Health Healthy Healthy Body Honour Human Human Nature Illusions Imposed Intrinsic Isolated Knowledge Laws Lectures Light Likewise Made Maid Medical Medicine Mind Mode Nature Occasional Opened Opinion Origins Path Periods Phases Prevent Process Processes Promoted Prove Public Public Opinion Purpose Realise Remember Rule Science Secrecy Short Sick Source Steadily Stop Students Syphilis Teach Thesis Things Times Train Trained Travel Trust Vicious Work Writing Less More Hide All See All
We are led to think of diseases as isolated disturbances in a healthy body, not as the phases of certain periods of bodily development.
In science, law is not a rule imposed from without, but an expression of an intrinsic process. The laws of the lawgiver are impotent beside the laws of human nature, as to his disillusion many a lawgiver has discovered.
Another source of fallacy is the vicious circle of illusions which consists on the one hand of believing what we see, and on the other in seeing what we believe. β€” Β© Clifford Allbutt
Another source of fallacy is the vicious circle of illusions which consists on the one hand of believing what we see, and on the other in seeing what we believe.
The use of thesis-writing is to train the mind, or to prove that the mind has been trained; the former purpose is, I trust, promoted, the evidences of the latter are scanty and occasional.
Medicine, likewise, because it deals with things, has always been for our serener circles a Cinderella, blooming maid as happily as she has grown nevertheless.
It is steadily forgotten that health is a diathesis as much as is scrofula or syphilis and that each of these is a mode of growth.
Thus we work not in the light of public opinion but in the secrecy of the chamber; and perhaps the best of us are apt at times to forget the delicacies and sincerities which under these conditions are essential to harmony and honour.
I am sick of diseases, I want to know origins and processes…If we are to prevent disease it is to the beginning of the chain of accumulating stresses that we must look.
Students who have attended my [medical] lectures may remember that I try not only to teach them what we know, but also to realise how little this is: in every direction we seem to travel but a very short way before we are brought to a stop; our eyes are opened to see that our path is beset with doubts, and that even our best-made knowledge comes but too soon to an end.
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