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Coco Rocha

Mikhaila "Coco" Rocha is a Canadian fashion model. She is known as one of the first "digital" supermodels, and is known for her advocacy for younger models. As an author, she collaborated on the 2014 book Study of Pose. Rocha is also the founder of the Coco Rocha Model Camp and co-owner of the Nomad Management Modeling Agency.

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I think it's important to wear clothing that means something to you, and so I always try to make sure I'm wearing at least one item that has a personal meaning to me.
In ten years of modeling, I've trained myself to relax and be able to use my upper body.
When I started, I knew nothing about fashion. I remember, my first day going to my agency, I was wearing these huge bell-bottoms - they were patchwork corduroy and denim, which, at the time, I thought were amazing. My agent told me, 'You have a casting with Prada - you have to burn those jeans.'
If I want a hamburger, I'm going to have one. No 21-year-old should be worrying about whether she fits a sample size. — © Coco Rocha
If I want a hamburger, I'm going to have one. No 21-year-old should be worrying about whether she fits a sample size.
When I started my first blog years ago, I just wanted to share my perspective. For a long time, models had been these mute pretty faces - and I wanted to have a voice.
Whenever I really get serious about something, I pull my hair back into a tight ponytail. If you see me with that, you know I mean business.
Models are supposed to be a muse to you. Why is a muse always the same body type, the same look? It's boring.
My wedding dress is a piece of art that I'll treasure forever. It was designed and created by Zac Posen. I gave him only the tiniest bit of direction when he started, and the end product was more beautiful than anything I could have imagined.
I'll probably always have some black in my accessories, but it's also important to have a pop of color.
I'm that type of person that loves change.
For a small population, Canada has always had a very strong and vibrant style.
We get all excited about collaborations. You get excited to hear that Rihanna has something, because Rihanna is a singer, and she has amazing fashion. You want to see what she would create. I don't get upset and think, 'Someone else is going to do better than me.' You're like, 'Oh, good for her.'
I think it's fun to dress up, although sometimes you do get a little tired of it, but I definitely try to have a different look every day.
Usually, a model gets two to three seasons, or a year and a half, and that's it - you're done. For me, it will be 10 years. — © Coco Rocha
Usually, a model gets two to three seasons, or a year and a half, and that's it - you're done. For me, it will be 10 years.
French designers are classic, chic, and traditional.
Fashion can be a very fickle lady, especially when it comes to models - fashion likes to turn on its own.
To be honest, the thing is I don't really like clothes. I mean, it is cool, but I like tech. I am a tech girl. A secret nerd - there, I said it.
Weirdly enough, in my 14 years of modeling, I've only worn a blonde wig three times. I have no idea why I've never been given the option to really try blonde as a model. But here I am doing it on my own.
I'm not fussy.
I remember working with Agyness Deyn. At the time, she was the only one who had short hair as a model. I remember being so envious of her because we would all be getting our hair pulled for two hours backstage, and she was getting a new haircut almost every other show.
At the beginning of my career, I was nervous to talk. I was just a very young girl. You don't want to upset anyone or frustrate anyone - you just want to work.
I will definitely hook up my daughter if she decides to be a model.
In the beginning, the clients would say, 'This is too much,' but over time, the ones I liked kept working with me. They'd say, 'It's not too much. Coco can still be Coco. She still gives 100 percent when she's on a photo shoot.'
Girls are told they're not skinny enough, or they hear, 'She's old. She's boring. We've had her. She's not tiny anymore.' A lot of people don't take into account the vulnerability of these young girls.
My besties do Victoria's Secret. I just don't do it.
I'm obsessed with historical English royalty.
Having good style really just means having a decisive eye and being able to put things together in an aesthetically pleasing manner. It's not a matter of spending a lot of money and throwing it all together.
Something I always look for in an outfit is to have a standout piece.
I've always thought of modeling as a performance, so I don't mind kind of pretending. I kind of pretend in a lot of my poses that I am a ballerina or a hip-hop dancer or a grunge performer.
If you are a new, upcoming designer, you've got to think of new, cool ways to make the industry look at you. Don't just get stuck in a rut, show your clothes, and be like, 'You should like this.'
Connecting with fans is very important to me and useful, too! It's almost as if I have my own focus group. If I put up one picture that gets 1,000 likes and one that gets 15,000 likes, it gives me a big clue as to what people like to see.
We have to come into this industry so young, and you have to learn to take it as it is. I was scouted at 14, started modelling at 15, and lived in New York at 16.
I don't get to keep the dresses I wear. It is not fair.
I don't do nudes. I don't do semi-nudes. I don't do cigarette shots. It took me a long time in the business to realize I didn't have to do everything people told me I should if I wanted a career.
Previously, someone would interview me, and if they liked me, it'd be a great story. If they hated me, it'd be a horrible story. I had no way to say anything. Social media changed things for people who didn't have a voice.
I'm kind of getting over the whole Manhattan life. I'm from Vancouver, and that means mountains and a lot of space.
To me, true style icons have been few and far between. Elizabeth Taylor comes to mind. I never got to meet her while she was alive, but she is one of those people I have always admired in terms of her sense of style.
I think there can no longer be such a thing as hitting a wall on a photo shoot. If I ever hear a photographer say to me, 'OK, what else?' I should retire, because that should never happen now having experienced just how much the body is capable of doing.
Having worked with many of the world's top modeling agencies for the last decade, I've seen what works and doesn't work in managing a model's career. — © Coco Rocha
Having worked with many of the world's top modeling agencies for the last decade, I've seen what works and doesn't work in managing a model's career.
If you think of any past artist, there was something that they looked at that inspired them to make their most famous pieces, whether it be the 'Mona Lisa' or 'Venus Rising.'
Oh, the dilemma of the summer music festival. On one hand, we ladies try very hard to look cute walking around those muddy fields in our cowboy boots and cut-offs. On the other hand, we want to look like we really didn't try at all and just rolled out of bed looking this way.
I hate when people say, 'Well, this is unfair for the underdog.' Well, the underdog should try harder.
A little personal trick: apply brown eyeliner throughout the day and then just add a little black over the top for a night look.
So many girls second-think their pose or what they're doing. And, in turn, the photos will come out really unnatural. I say to really give the camera a performance - that, and make sure you're comfortable with how you look, and give it a good smile and a filter.
For me, anytime I see a mother truly loving her child, famous or not, it brings a smile to my face. I think most people would agree.
I usually don't usually go for fluffy, bohemian-chic pieces.
Everybody knows that, in general, a basketball player needs to be tall and a fashion model needs to be skinny, but how skinny is too skinny?
I've always been the kind of girl that takes every day as it comes.
People who rooted for me and were impactful in my career knew everything about me. They knew my goals, my likes, my dislikes, what I wanted out of my career. — © Coco Rocha
People who rooted for me and were impactful in my career knew everything about me. They knew my goals, my likes, my dislikes, what I wanted out of my career.
As a model, we come in the room, and we are casted just on our looks. I think I'm funny; I think I'm clever. But in the end, they're picking me for my cheekbones or if I'm tall enough.
Nowadays, we have to break the molds to what it means to be a model in 2016.
I always think that some of those moms who are rocking cool fashion looks while walking their little babies in a stroller is just the bomb. You don't have to, all of a sudden, have to transition into 'mom' outfits from the '90s just because you became a mom.
I won't work with Terry Richardson again.
As a high-fashion model, I have long had a policy of no nudity or partial nudity in my photo shoots.
I love modeling, and I want other girls to enjoy the experience.
I've always been the type that, every few months, I'm like, 'Let's change the haircut one more time.'
If you're posting pictures to platforms like Instagram or Twitter, be selective about the one you post. If I'm capturing a sunset, I'll take at least 10 pictures. I'll then filter them using other apps, enhance them. Then, I really pick the best image of perhaps 30.
I was the first model to get a blog and talk about anything in modeling.
I think, in general, models tend to do their favorite faces or their comfortable face, but your facial expression is just so important. You don't want to have an editorial of 20 photos where it's just you giving a 'Zoolander' face.
Designers from Milan think that 'more is more,' like Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana.
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