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Paul is with me all of the time. I really do feel that, I particularly feel that every time I go to the ocean, I surf, or I spearfish.
Paul wasn't looking for recognition. People didn't know about his organization until he passed away.
One of the things I always admired about my brother was his genuine desire to help others in need. — © Cody Walker
One of the things I always admired about my brother was his genuine desire to help others in need.
Paul was so protective of all of us, he was a very private person.
Paul had the biggest heart in the world and he was such a good example.
Paul was the real deal. Both in the movie business and real life.
I love Australia, it's great to be here again.
Paul was just a huge goofball who really never took anything too seriously. He never took himself seriously.
Paul would have jumped on a plane and asked questions later, and been there a day before we were there. That's who he was. He was fearless.
Paul was very much a purist, the real car guy.
Remember that no matter how cool you think you may be, you're not cool enough to look down on anyone... ever.
It also was never a secret how loved Paul was, but seeing and hearing the way that everyone talked about him, from producers to crew, made it so obvious how much Paul was loved by every person we came across.
It wasn't just any film that Paul had been working on. This was a 'Fast & Furious' movie. Everyone that was involved had been involved for years.
Paul is synonymous with the ocean.
In Hollywood you'll see a lot of big stars supporting non-profits which is so great but Paul really wanted to be a physical force behind really getting down and dirty and helping others.
Paul was just the most real guy ever. The best big brother, the best son, and the best father. The best everything.
ROWW will only grow stronger to continue Paul's legacy for years and years to come. We are always conscious of Paul as we continue to grow - I want to make certain that ROWW continues on a path that Paul would be proud of.
I celebrate Paul's life, and if it's not with family it's with friends.
Reach Out WorldWide does great work. It's a small organization that does great work, and I'm gonna make sure that keeps going on.
Honestly, just live your life to the fullest. Laugh a lot, love and find your true happiness.
I think we were all honestly very surprised at how the car community took it all and how often it is that people will walk up to me and tell me 'your brother's the reason I'm into cars.' I didn't have a grasp of that. And I know Paul didn't.
People know Paul as the car guy, but he created Reach Out Worldwide because he actually wanted to get his hands dirty and wanted to help people and he didn't want to get the publicity for that.
Paul was a huge movie star, and I think really what I didn't realize about Paul that I've since learned, is how loved Paul was to this scale. — © Cody Walker
Paul was a huge movie star, and I think really what I didn't realize about Paul that I've since learned, is how loved Paul was to this scale.
I wanted to be able to bring something together and bring the car community together in a way that hasn't really been done before, especially for the fans of the 'Fast and the Furious' and that entire franchise.
Paul had been training martial arts for many years.
Just got back from a 5 day camping trip. No phones, no Internet, no problem. It was great. Now time for a hot shower. I absolutely reek!
Learn today, lead tomorrow!
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