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Cokie Roberts

Mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne "Cokie" Roberts was an American journalist and author. Her career included decades as a political reporter and analyst for National Public Radio, PBS, and ABC News, with prominent positions on Morning Edition, The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, World News Tonight, and This Week. She was considered one of NPR's "Founding Mothers" along with Susan Stamberg, Linda Wertheimer and Nina Totenberg.

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Times do keep changing - thank God.
Women's roles are diminished for obvious reasons. It's the men whose names are on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and who were generals and soldiers.
Martha Washington. I think she's done herself a disservice in history with a little cap, you know? She looks like a namby-pamby little grandmotherly type, but she turned out to be a very strong woman.
I think it's a good thing to have a lot of voices in the media, and I think, you know, let all flowers bloom.
As long as algebra is taught in school, there will be prayer in school.
I mean it's - it is hard to find a voice on talk radio that is not a conservative voice.
But, the truth is and we can argue about whether this is right or not as long as we want to, but the fact is that women really do spend more time with their families. Until I can find a man who can tell me the dates of all of his nieces and nephews birthdays and get presents out to them regularly, I'm going to stay by that statement.
Our civic society is really all we have by way of nationhood. — © Cokie Roberts
Our civic society is really all we have by way of nationhood.
No matter what else they're doing, women are also always nurturing.
I've known Al Gore since he was born. He has been the best little boy, he was a boring child, and he has never done anything wrong.
You have to pay attention to who you are. You need to know your family history as well as you can. It is important for young women to have preventive care. If you catch any women's cancers early it's the difference between life and death. Do you really want to leave your kids without a mother?
A lot of women have come to understand that you can't just show up and say I'm unhappy, you have to then go out and do something. — © Cokie Roberts
A lot of women have come to understand that you can't just show up and say I'm unhappy, you have to then go out and do something.
Women rely on friends. ... That's where we draw sustenance and find safety. We can count on our women friends when we need a good laugh or a good cry.
I always wanted children, but not until they were actually part of my life did I realize that I could love that fiercely, or get that angry.
You know, others keep saying that there are too many candidates in the race, and once it gets down to a two-person race that Trump can't get above that 30 to 35 percent that he's gotten both in the polling and in the elections and that the others will start pulling out that 65 the 70 percent not voting for Tromp. But there's absolutely no evidence that all of that vote will go to another candidate.
The truth is, the notion that gay marriage is harmful to marriage, is sort of mind-boggling, because these are people trying to get married. But it seems to me, if you want to defend marriage against something, defend it against divorce.
There is such pleasure in long-term marriage that I really would hate to be my age and not have had a long-term marriage. Remember, sustaining a pleasurable, long-term marriage takes effort, deliberateness and an intention to learn about one another. In other words, marriage is for grown-ups.
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