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Colbie Caillat

Colbie Marie Caillat is an American singer-songwriter. Caillat rose to fame through social networking website Myspace. At that time, she was the number one unsigned artist of her genre.

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And when I perform on my own tour, I have to talk myself into going out on that stage every single night.
I'm always shy and timid when I write in front of people.
I don't have the attention span for sports. — © Colbie Caillat
I don't have the attention span for sports.
I don't take relationships too seriously, but everyone else seems to. And when you get your heart broken, it's like the end of the world. And I look at it as that was one moment in your life, one chapter. That person helped you grow and figure out what kind of person you want to be with in the future.
When I feel confident and comfortable, I'm better at my job.
Whenever I'm on tour and I'm in my hotel room and I'm writing and playing my guitar, I go in the bathroom and I record whatever I'm writing in there. It's just what I love to do.
I usually end up falling for one of my really good guy friends because I know everything about them, and you fall in love with their personalities, and it makes them become attractive to you in your eyes.
You don't have to be someone you're not to get someone else to like you.
I do write a lot of folky songs naturally.
When I was younger, I just wanted to be a singer.
I like to go to the beach, have a bonfire, and play music.
I like to feel the same when I'm on stage and when I'm not.
It's so funny because when you're working with an acquaintance or someone else, you're being more polite. I find that I'm a little bit more of a brat when I'm in the studio with my dad, so I feel bad.
I love to be in Hawaii - everything very natural, and my style reflects that. — © Colbie Caillat
I love to be in Hawaii - everything very natural, and my style reflects that.
I think the older you get, the more you know about life, and the more you learn about yourself and you become comfortable in your own skin. So the older I'm getting, the more fun I'm having.
I pay attention to how I look but I don't let it go too far.
I didn't want to call and schedule shows or call and make people listen to my music. Luckily, my friends and family really stayed on me and made me put myself out there.
I like how my body feels when I'm in shape; I love how it feels after I work out each day. Fitting in the clothes I like to wear comfortably and living a healthy lifestyle is important to me.
I don't wear makeup when I'm home. I love taking a break from it.
We all look in the mirror and name the things that we don't like about ourselves or wish we could change. Instead, name the good things and focus on that!
Bob Marley is a huge influence. I love reggae music, but I also love the purpose of the songs he writes and the style of the music - it takes your worries away and makes you feel good, and I think that's what music is about.
I like doing 25-minute intervals on the treadmill. I go back and forth with running and fast walking and keep changing the incline to high and low. Then I do 15 minutes of lifting light weights and all different kinds of sit-ups, squats, and stretches. I do this routine four days a week.
I eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
If anyone is ever rude to you, then there's no need to hang out with them! Just find the people that make you feel good.
My advice is don't scrub your makeup off your eyes; be gentle.
My dad is one of the sweetest human beings around. He's so patient with people and has so many ideas that he's so much fun to work with.
I love to exercise outside in the fresh air and sun: hiking, swimming, stand-up paddleboarding, and jogging.
Being a musician is a job - it is just a really fun one!
Talking with my friends and family every day helps keep me grounded and connected to home. They are the most important things to me.
It's exhausting being a woman.
I like the unknown.
I'm against the ways of the world where people feel like they need to always make things too perfect.
Well, I started writing songs about three years ago when I learned to play the guitar, but I've been singing since I was eleven.
Songwriting is like a therapy, it's a connection that you have with another person, and I'm not scared of it at all for some reason.
For the 'Try' video, I didn't prep or starve myself and over-exercise. And then I didn't get my nails done. I didn't get my hair done. I didn't get a facial. I didn't have a stylist.
I use moisturizer on my face both day and night, and I don't sleep with makeup on. — © Colbie Caillat
I use moisturizer on my face both day and night, and I don't sleep with makeup on.
Dress how you're comfortable. Wear the makeup that you're comfortable in - or don't wear it.
I think 12 songs is too much to listen to all at once. When I buy a record, I get to the fifth song, and then I don't get to really hear the rest of the record.
Writing is my therapy. My feelings build up inside of me and then I sit down and write a song.
When you have a cute outfit on and your makeup looks amazing, the first thing people comment on is your image. When you don't wear makeup, you hear things like, 'Oh wow, you look tired,' or, 'You're so brave for not wearing makeup!'
When I turned 19 I kinda realized that I needed to write my own songs instead of singing songs written by other people.
Over the years, I've heard pop artists do some Christmas songs, and I haven't fully cared for them. They weren't the traditional Christmas music that I was raised on and love. Thinking of that, I wanted to make my songs mimic the classic Christmas songs.
I was always shy and had a huge fear of being onstage.
I try to keep myself busy. I always hang out with my family and friends and my dogs. Go to the beach. Go swimming. Go get exercise. Go on a hike.
Creating music fulfills me. It gives me purpose. It connects me with the world.
I love 'Breathe' with Taylor (Swift) but I've been performing 'Lucky' with Jason (MRaz) all over the world in the past year so I'm glad that's what won. — © Colbie Caillat
I love 'Breathe' with Taylor (Swift) but I've been performing 'Lucky' with Jason (MRaz) all over the world in the past year so I'm glad that's what won.
Taking a song and bringing it to life in a professional recording studio can be an intimidating process at first; I know it certainly was for me. So to be able to offer support and guidance to an emerging singer-songwriter is a huge honor. I look forward to playing a role in such an exciting time of someone's songwriting career.
I don't like being vulnerable. I feel uncomfortable in it.
I miss everything about you. Can't believe that I still want youAnd after all the things we've been through.
A great song should lift your heart, warm the soul and make you feel good.
Wait a second Why should you care what they think of you? When you're all alone, by yourself, do you like you? Do you like you? You don't have to try so hard, you don't have to give it all away, you just have to get up You don't have to change a single thing.
Be happy and comfortable with who you are, whoever it may be.
I get inspired by what I go through. Experiencing all these different things we all go through like heartache, falling in love, watching a family member or a friend going through [something], and trying to write about it from a different perspective.
What's really cool is to be able to write music and have people around the world [who are] able to relate to it. They tell you that [your] song helped them get through a divorce or they got married to that song. It makes me want to keep doing that for [myself] and for people.
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