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Coleman Barks

Coleman Barks is an American poet, and former literature faculty at the University of Georgia. Although he neither speaks nor reads Persian, he is a popular interpreter of Rumi, rewriting the poems based on other English translations.

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Afternoon Agree Argue Asked Austere Back Bank Beautiful Being Human Beings Hide All Body Book Breaks Buddhist Buried Cages Cathedral Change Changed Christian Coffee Coffee Shop Collective Coming Coming Back Consciousness Core Courses Current Deep Deeply Difference Distance Division Dream Ecstatic Eternity Exchange Experience Experiences Feel Fiddle Foolish Freedom Freshness Friend Full Functions Grab Growing Growing Up Handed Happen Heard Heart Highest Hindu Hold Human Human Being Human Beings Identity Important Individual Individuality Ineffable Inhabit Inside Interesting John Johnny Keats Killing Killing Each Other Kind Language Late Laughing Life Life Is Light Longing Love Lucid Luminous Making Marvelous Meet Mind Moments Moves Muslim My Life Mystic Mysticism Names Natural Neighborhood Novelty Ocean One Thing One Time Part People Poems Poignant Present Pressure Process Pushing Pushing Away Quit Radiant Rapture Readers Released Religions River Robert Ruin Sense Sentient Shell Shop Signs Silence Singular Social Someday Sort Soul Sound Space Spontaneous State Station Strategies Study Surely Talked Talking Teach Tennessee Thing Things Time Time And Space Treasure Tremendously True True Identity Turn Uncovering Uniquely University Valuable Vastness Wait Walk Walking What You Love Whole Life Wind Wonderful Word World Your Soul Less More Hide All See All
I like to walk around my neighborhood, late in the afternoon. I sometimes wind up at the wonderful, old Shell station that's been changed into a coffee shop. Right where Johnny used to change my oil, I have a latte and take out my little book bag. It doesn't sound very austere.
I think we all have a core that's ecstatic, that knows and that looks up in wonder. We all know that there are marvelous moments of eternity that just happen. We know them.
I think my life is tremendously interesting, and surely, other people do too. β€” Β© Coleman Barks
I think my life is tremendously interesting, and surely, other people do too.
Just being sentient and in a body with the sun coming up is a state of rapture.
Ramana Maharshi and Rumi would agree: the joy of being human is in uncovering the core we already are, the treasure buried in the ruin.
It's a beautiful lucid dream that has language that I can fiddle with.
The mystics always say that the experience they're talking about is ineffable, that you can't say it. Rumi was asked one time why he talked so much about silence. He said, "The radiant one inside me has never said a word."
I had never heard of Rumi until Robert Bly handed me this book and he said, ah, β€œThese poems need to be released from their cages.”
It's such a foolish thing to argue about names, when what we're doing is all one thing.
Anything you grab hold of on the bank breaks with the river's pressure. When you do things from your soul, the river itself moves through you. Freshness and a deep joy are signs of the current.
Longing becomes more poignant if in the distance you can't tell whether your friend is going away or coming back. The pushing away pulls you in.
What I deeply want... is for Rumi to become vitally present for readers, part of what John Keats called our soul-making, that process that is both collective and uniquely individual, that happens outside time and space and inside, that is the ocean we all inhabit and each singular droplet-self.
When you meet a new friend, the world has more light in it, doesn't it? Things become more spontaneous, and more full of laughing and freedom and novelty.
I had been a kind of natural mystic my whole life, growing up there in Tennessee next to the river. Somehow, that was important for my consciousness. I still don't study [mysticism]. I just wait for experiences.
The religions of the world are luminous in their individuality, and they have valuable social and soulmaking functions. Surely someday we will quit killing each other over their different strategies.
If you teach three university courses a day, you need something to turn your mind off.
If you think there's an important difference between being a Christian or a Jew or a Hindu or a Muslim or a Buddhist, then you're making a division between your heart, what you love with, and the way you act in the world.
[Rumi] is trying to get us to feel the vastness of our true identity... like the sense you might get walking into a cathedral. β€” Β© Coleman Barks
[Rumi] is trying to get us to feel the vastness of our true identity... like the sense you might get walking into a cathedral.
There's some sort of exchange that goes on between human beings that is one of the highest things we do.
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