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Coleman Dowell

Robert Coleman Dowell was an American writer.

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Activity Atrophy Beginning Blocks Choice Closing Closing Off Coffee Coffee Cup Death Hide All Drops Earth Enemy Essence Extraordinary Fatal Fiction Final Friend Governing Held House Infirmity Intelligence Invented Left Life Life Is Life Is A Loss Manifestation Marked Mass Nerves Oneself Part Physical Possessions Precious Putting Quickly Rest Room Sensibility Series Simplest Stain Suffer Ultimate Variety Less More Hide All See All
Life is a series of diminishments. Each cessation of an activity either from choice or some variety of infirmity is a death, a putting to final rest. Each loss, of friend or precious enemy, can be equated with the closing off of a room containing blocks of nerves, or a dynamo governing a particular sensibility or intelligence and soon after the closing off the nerves atrophy and that part of oneself, in essence, drops away. The self is lightened, is held on earth by a gram less of mass and will.
Being is a fiction invented by those who suffer from becoming. — © Coleman Dowell
Being is a fiction invented by those who suffer from becoming.
It is extraordinary how the house and the simplest possessions of someone who has been left become so quickly sordid. . . . Even the stain on the coffee cup seems not coffee but the physical manifestation of one's inner stain, the fatal blot that from the beginning had marked one for ultimate aloneness.
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