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Colin Donnell

Colin Donnell is an American actor and singer best known for his performances as Billy Crocker in Anything Goes, Tommy Merlyn in The CW television series Arrow, Scotty Lockhart on the Showtime drama The Affair and as Dr. Connor Rhodes in the NBC medical drama Chicago Med (2015–2019).

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I came to Broadway through Indiana University.
So many people have told me that 'Wicked' is their first musical ever and that they're hooked for life. I'm like, 'Wow, you really got it right when you picked this show to be your first one.'
You can't beat New York for food. — © Colin Donnell
You can't beat New York for food.
I sort of fell into acting.
My grandmother had always played show tunes from classic musicals at the piano when we were growing up, so that helped me fall in love with Rodgers and Hammerstein, Cole Porter, Lerner and Loewe, etc.
Growing up, I wanted to be a pilot!
I had a wonderful home life. My parents are the ultimate, wonderful supporters, so there was never a moment where I felt like I had to get away.
We all have friends and family who see one path for us, and we go a different path, and it's not necessarily what they would have wanted.
I'm from St. Louis and grew up going to The Muny.
In the past, I've done some covering. My first show in New York, I covered three guys in 'Jersey Boys.' I think it was always something that was helpful for keeping my head on straight.
I really enjoy the constant change in TV. It's fun to play a character that is, hopefully, growing and developing over a long period of time.
'Miss Saigon' was my first professional show. It was one of the first regional productions of 'Miss Saigon.'
I love going back on 'Arrow.' It's always fun to see friends when I go back there.
My SAG card, the first TV job that I ever had was 'Pan Am' as a reporter. But that may not be entirely true. I did some motion capture work, doing reshoots on a video game.
Touring is great because I love to travel.
For a while, I was all sports all the time. Then, as I started to get into theater, they dropped away, but I hung on tight with a highly competitive Ultimate Frisbee team. It was probably less intense than I remember, but it was fun.
I seem to have some of the greatest fans in the world. They are so respectful, whether it's been people that are fans from 'Arrow' or 'The Affair' or 'Chicago Med.'
I love the city of Chicago. They are so welcoming to the shows that shoot here.
I like to pick out a certain part of each show I'm in and I watch it when I'm not onstage or in my dressing room. I'll go down to the stage and watch that part of the show each night.
I got into theatre kinda late by some standards, and I sorta fell into it. I had broken my ankle playing football, and my high school was doing a production of 'Barnum.' I could juggle, and my mom really wanted to get me out of the house. She said since I wasn't playing football and couldn't wrestle, maybe I should audition for the show.
I would be so happy to be back on 'Arrow' or on 'Legends of Tomorrow,' in whatever capacity.
I don't know if I would ever truly want somebody's life in my hands. I think what these people, what doctors and nurses and public service employees do on a day-to-day basis, is unreal, and it takes a special type of person to do that - and I don't think I'm that type of person. I'm happy to play one on TV.
I have a tattoo that I got in Memphis, and another I got in Dayton.
I drove my mother crazy because I'd juggle the apples in the fruit bowl and take a bite out of one or two.
I'm a huge food addict. — © Colin Donnell
I'm a huge food addict.
My family - my brothers and I especially - like dinners out and are really adventurous with food.
I may have gotten my first job from 'Backstage.' I remember going to the Equity offices, and I signed up for an audition. I left. I was grabbing a coffee somewhere and looking at 'Backstage' and saw that there was an audition for another project going on at the same time. It was called 'Almost Heaven: The Songs of John Denver.'
The 'Arrow' thing happened really quickly.
Being at the show, watching people do what they do so well, hearing a full orchestra, and hearing beautiful music? There's nothing better.
I just never thought I'd have, like... fans, I guess?
I wouldn't be able to have the successes in my career if it weren't for the happiness in my personal life.
When I'm doing TV, I miss theatre, and when I'm doing theatre, I miss being in front of the camera.
I've always been a huge John Guare fan. But Edward Albee - he just can't be beat.
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