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Colin Jordan

John Colin Campbell Jordan was a leading figure in post-war neo-Nazism in Great Britain. In the far-right circles of the 1960s, Jordan represented the most explicitly "Nazi" inclination in his open use of the styles and symbols of Nazi Germany. Through his leadership of organisations such as the National Socialist Movement and the World Union of National Socialists, Jordan advocated a pan-Aryan "Universal Nazism". Although later unaffiliated with any political party, Jordan remained an influential voice on the British far right.

Politician | June 19, 1923 - April 9, 2009

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Absurd Accomplished Ancestors Approval Case Change Changed Conditional Continuous Conventional Hide All Criminals Decision Descendants Duty Eternal Folk Future Higher Identifying Immortality Interwoven Law And Order Life Lives Make Masses Members Multiplicity Order Part Party Past Past And Future Perform Present Project Providing Request Society Submission Support Vote Less More Hide All See All
Life, as a part, is interwoven with the life of the whole, not only present, but past and future, for while men come and go the folk lives on, continuous, eternal, providing its members perform their duty to it. Thus, in identifying himself with his folk man prolongs himself through the multiplicity of his ancestors and his descendants, and thereby attains immortality.
The masses will not vote for their own upliftment in a higher order of society. This has to be accomplished without their support and request, despite them and indeed against them. It is absurd to pivot your whole project, as does a conventional party, on the submission of change to the decision of those who so need to be changed. You might as well make the case for law and order conditional on the approval of the criminals.
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