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Colin O'Donoghue

Colin Arthur O'Donoghue is an Irish actor and musician, best known for portraying Captain Killian "Hook" Jones on the TV show Once Upon a Time. He appeared in the 2011 horror thriller film The Rite (2011) as a skeptical novice priest, Michael Kovak. He is also portraying Gordon Cooper on Disney+ Original Series The Right Stuff. He starred in Dolly Parton's Heartstrings as J.J. Sneed.

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I would definitely say the last episode is as epic as probably any episode that 'Once Upon a Time' has ever done. I mean, it's massive; it's huge. It's like taking the best of all seasons and jamming it into one - literally.
I was a 'Star Wars' fanatic growing up. I guess I still am. Pretty much for everybody who grew up in the 1980s as well, it's a symbol of their childhood.
I grew up watching movies and being amazed at the animatronics you'd see in stuff like 'The Dark Crystal,' and all those kinds of movies. So, I'm always enthralled with how they can make it all work, behind the scenes, with the visual effects.
Part of what I like about the best villains in TV and film is when you feel sorry for them, and that makes you feel even worse for feeling guilty about wanting them to succeed, in some way.
I don't sit and listen to music all day, although music is a big influence on me. — © Colin O'Donoghue
I don't sit and listen to music all day, although music is a big influence on me.
I was always kind of serious. It's nice to be able to play a complete bad boy who's the polar opposite to who I am.
It's always interesting to see somebody struggling with two different sides of their personality.
A lot of the times, I don't have anything interesting to say, so on Twitter, people are constantly sending me sketches they've done of Hook, so if somebody's taken the time to do that, that's what I retweet and stuff.
Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman are just incredible.
When I was younger, I was hopefully going to do animation and special effects.
Not to belittle what we do as actors, but my wife Helen is a teacher, and she makes a real difference to kids. So it's unusual to see people thinking of us as something special.
I love that sort of 1930s and 1940s; I love that period - the thought of it. And I like war movies and all that kind of stuff as well.
As an actor, it's hard to get work. Sometimes you have to make do with the jobs that you get.
Sometimes people like the bad boy.
'The Conversation' is one that, if you watch 'The Conversation' for the opening sequence, where you hear a conversation taking place as the master - this zoom from way up is zooming in over a park. And I was just absolutely blown away by it because you can hear exactly what's happening, but you don't see. You've got no idea who's talking.
I had seen 'Hook' growing up - it was one of my favorite films - and I had seen the version of 'Peter Pan' that Jason Issacs was in, and I had seen the older versions, obviously the Disney version.
For me, if I'm completely honest, I've always loved playing Captain Hook, also because I've gotten a chance to play so many different variations of him, so I haven't just been playing the same guy day in, day out.
How do you try to play 'Captain Hook' better than, or as well as, Dustin Hoffman? You can't. It's perfection.
There are three versions of the hook. There's one that's solid metal and it's really heavy. It's sharp. It's not super sharp but it has a point, and because of the weight you could do some serious damage with it. And then there's an aluminium one which is a bit lighter, and then there's a rubber one for if you're to do stunts or there's any danger of cutting someone. Although sometimes I like to switch it out! It's the perfect coffee cup holder - it's literally the exact size. And if you've only got one hand and you're holding some food, it's great to put it on.
I use the hook to carry coffee. — © Colin O'Donoghue
I use the hook to carry coffee.
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