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Explore popular quotes and sayings by a British writer Colin Tudge.
Colin Tudge

Colin Hiram Tudge is a British biologist, science writer and broadcaster.

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Assertion Athens Beneath Contemplation Creatures Debates Ecological Economic Enlightenment Evil Hide All Fellow Figs Found Gmos Good Heart Improve Intelligent Land Members Moral Olives Plato Plato And Aristotle Political Proper Religious Simply Social Thinking Tree Trees Trouble Universe Less More Hide All See All
I cannot significantly improve on the assertion that it simply is proper for us, as intelligent members of the universe, to try to look after our fellow creatures, and evil for us to do otherwise.
Trees are good for contemplation. Plato and Aristotle did their best thinking in the groves of olives and figs around Athens, and Buddha found enlightenment beneath a bo or peepul tree.
GMOs could really land us in trouble — © Colin Tudge
GMOs could really land us in trouble
Trees are right at the heart of all the necessary debates: ecological, social, economic, political, moral, religious.
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