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Rodney Yee is an American yoga instructor who rose to national prominence in the mid-1990s when he was featured on the cover of Yoga Journal magazine and later starred in a series of Gaiam/Living Arts yoga instructional videos and DVDs. Yee has narrated meditation audios and written two books.

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The system is broken. The doctors and the nurses can't do everything. The patients need human attention; the patients themselves need to be addressed, rather than just their disease.
Let's hold hands and brave this beautiful, crazy life together with a sweet smile and a calm breath.
I do what I do because there's nothing else I can do. — © Colleen Saidman
I do what I do because there's nothing else I can do.
I can honestly say, I have the love of my life, and we have the most amazing children.
I feel vulnerable every single time I step into a classroom. I feel completely exposed.
Teaching yoga is the only thing I can do. I can't imagine not doing it. I love it because I believe in it.
Vulnerability is a wonderful tool for awakening and for learning and for growing and for connecting.
Allow beauty and sadness to touch you. This is love, not fear.
Yoga is more a state than a methodology. A state where there is nothing missing. You don't feel like you have to grab this or grab that in order to be complete or full. From wringing out the body and the mind, from sitting in meditation, from studying scripture, from selfless service.
Seeing what was needed in the hospital firsthand - someone needs to come in and just be with patients, without trying to take their blood or change the bedpan, and to give them human-to-human touch.
I love lyrics. They help me to figure things out.
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