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Connie Smith

Connie Smith is an American country music singer and songwriter. Her contralto vocals have been described by music writers as significant and influential to the women of country music. A similarity has been noted between her vocal style and the stylings of country vocalist Patsy Cline. Other performers have cited Smith as influence on their own singing styles, which has been reflected in quotes and interviews over the years.

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When a song comes to you, you can't run around it.
I hear so many of the young people today sing and I think they have a good voice, yet I wonder if they'll ever know that they sound alike.
I have such a deep love for traditional country music. — © Connie Smith
I have such a deep love for traditional country music.
Kids flourish if we get them to school every day.
I love the music business very much.
Inspiration is finding something that excites you.
It's going to be a little further for me to take my children, but the Montessori has been good for my children so I'm willing to take them further. I think it will be a good thing to keep them in the program.
Jimmy Dickens was the essence of country music and the heart of the Grand Ole Opry.
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