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Connor McDavid

Connor Andrew McDavid is a Canadian professional ice hockey centre and captain of the Edmonton Oilers of the National Hockey League (NHL). The Oilers selected him first overall in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft.

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He's Bobby Orr - he's been through it all. Whatever he says, you listen. If you ask a question, you're dying to hear the answer, trying to figure out any piece of information that made him successful.
There's always ways to improve.
Every Hockey Canada event, the first day you just do a thousand interviews. You get used to it. — © Connor McDavid
Every Hockey Canada event, the first day you just do a thousand interviews. You get used to it.
I'm living out my dream, so there's nothing better than that.
I definitely believe in myself. And I don't need to show that on the outside. I just don't feel like I need to tell people how I feel about myself. I know my skills and I know what I'm comfortable in, and I keep it to myself.
My expectations on myself exceed any of those put on me.
As a kid I wore my team's tracksuit all the time. Splash pants or track pants. I wore a hat every day. And then when I got to the NHL, guys would make fun of me that I had the worse style in the league.
It's a slim margin of error in this league.
I personally want to play in the playoffs.
Playing in the OHL, people expect you to get a ton of points. When you go out and have a good game it's almost like people expect that out of you.
When you're a rookie, sometimes your voice is not really heard.
Every year is a new year, and when you look at the turnover year to year, teams that made the playoffs last year aren't a guarantee to make the playoffs this year.
Every little muscle is so important. — © Connor McDavid
Every little muscle is so important.
I think I was the worst loser of all time. I couldn't stand it.
We want to play in the playoffs as a team.
My dad gave me this advice: 'Make what you want to do for the rest of your life the first thing you do in the day and then worry about hanging out with friends.'
I am never going to be much of a physical presence. For me, it's more about taking my strength and finding a way to use it as an advantage.
If you're tanking to get a higher draft pick, you really shouldn't be playing hockey.
Honestly, I felt pressure more when I was a lot younger.
I think when I first came into the League, I was blowing the zone all the time, just kind of expecting pucks to get out. You learn very quickly that you can't be doing that.
I'm definitely not one of those guys that's chirping the guys that dress super nice, because you know, there's guys out there in the league - and on my team in fact - that have great style. And I'm just like, 'go for it, man, you look good!'
It's a weird league in the sense that sometimes you get goals when they definitely shouldn't have gone in, and sometimes you're doing everything right and it's just not going in. It's the way it goes. I think every player who's ever played in this league has gone through it.
I need to improve my physical play and get as big and strong as I can.
I definitely still work on my skating a lot.
You want to be ramping up toward the playoffs. You want to be peaking as you're heading in.
You've got to work hard, got to outwork the other guy and got to outwork the other team. Sometimes outsmart them every now and then, but it all starts with the work.
I think that's what you need throughout your lineup. You need guys to help each other and feed off each other and to have that chemistry.
As a teenager you've got a lot of stuff going on all the time. It's hard to find a couple extra hours of sleep.
I'm sure personal accolades are nice and you appreciate them very much. But it's about winning Cups and winning Olympics and winning World Cups and that kind of thing.
I never played against my own age, and I was one of the best players. That's when I would get really nervous, maybe not sleep the night before a game.
I think I'm a guy that can relate to everyone and is fairly close with everyone on the team and can try to help bring guys together. That's what I tried to focus on when I was in Erie and I felt everyone was a part of the team. I definitely try to lead that way; I'm not the big rah-rah guy.
Not a lot of people get to meet their role model and idol in life, and I've been really lucky that way.
There is a lot of instinct that comes with playing hockey and playing a number of games and playing all the way up; you kind of get a feel for what's gonna happen and make plays off that.
I was definitely not the cocky kid. I was probably on the other end of the spectrum - I was quiet. I remember a time when there was a skills competition, and I think I was five, and I was so nervous to even compete that I chose not to do the skating part.
You can't just go out and buy players and make a super team, because it's so hard to do that. The salary cap doesn't allow it. We have a much smaller salary cap than the NBA, and they only have 12 on a roster.
Guys that have the best shot in the world still shoot pucks, and that's for a reason. You keep growing your game and finding different ways to produce.
If you're putting the puck in an awkward place for someone, that's right away, advantage: you.
I can multitask. — © Connor McDavid
I can multitask.
Edmonton has such a great history. It makes coming to the rink special to know those former players wore the jersey and had so much success here.
You don't want to be that big shot, some guy who's some... whatever.
I think the fans want to see offense.
I still feel pressure - I'm sure everyone who plays feels pressure - but I don't feel it as much now as when I was younger.
Even when I wasn't on the ice, I was always on my rollerblades.
You have to make every day count toward your dream.
You always have to be optimistic, you can never lose that.
Scoring isn't the only thing in this game.
I think the best players in the world make the players around them better. And I'm always trying to do that.
I'm not a big nickname guy. — © Connor McDavid
I'm not a big nickname guy.
I'm so proud to be in Edmonton.
I used to get shadowed when I was 8 years old. Really early.
The OHL compared to the NHL playoffs, I don't think they really compare. You can't really rely on that experience.
Hockey is a year-round job.
My style was not good. It's definitely something that's grown over time.
We definitely do a lot of tip drills at practice and try to work on your hand-eye coordination and stuff like that.
At the end of the day, it is hockey. It's the same game, the rules don't change. It's the same hockey game I've been playing since I was 2 years old. I think you can kind of rely on that.
It's more fun to be playing hockey than doing anything else.
If you want to do something for the rest of your life, it's not going to be easy, especially being a pro hockey player, so you need to work at it.
I was always the pouty little kid whenever I lost.
The beauty of hockey players is that they make everyone feel included and make everyone feel a part of it.
We owe it to the fans and we owe it to ourselves to give it everything we have to try and put ourselves in the playoffs.
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