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I'll beat Johnny Walker, and everybody will say he was a one-trick pony, he wasn't as good as we through he was, and Corey Anderson still sucks. That's just how they do me.
I'm not gonna be entitled, I don't think I deserve anything different than anybody else.
Being cut doesn't mean nothing. You get cut for saying the wrong thing. You get cut for having a couple of bad fights. It happens. — © Corey Anderson
Being cut doesn't mean nothing. You get cut for saying the wrong thing. You get cut for having a couple of bad fights. It happens.
Growing up, my brother loved Jon Jones.
Johnny Walker is the man the UFC wants to win, they're investing in him, they want him to get to the top and my job is to stop that from happening.
I've been hurt in fights. I've been dropped.
I've beat all the top guys.
I'm here to be the best - I'm here to get the belt.
I'm not doing one lucky punch or spinning kick and catching somebody. I'm going to own you - not beat you - own you from the first bell to the last bell.
I boxed, I was 2-0 as far as amateur boxing and it was fun but I didn't really want to compete no more.
You're always hoping for a title shot.
I don't think anybody in the world matches up with my skills. That's just the way you've got to be when you step in the cage.
If I'm the champ, I don't want this. I don't want no special treatment. — © Corey Anderson
If I'm the champ, I don't want this. I don't want no special treatment.
When I'm on top, I'm going to stay there.
I throw a bunch of combos to get to my wrestling, but my punches land, too.
I don't duck and dodge, I don't pick fights.
I'm going out there and dominating people from start to finish.
I learned a lesson that once I get guys down, don't let them up.
I'm a God-fearing man.
That's what I'm known for, I got cardio and pressure.
Dominick Reyes is a great striker, but he doesn't have the best wrestling defense. He has OK jiu-jitsu.
I never wanted to be a fighter in the first place.
My coach in college always told me, 'You don't go out there to win lackadaisical, you don't go out there to win by one point, you don't go out there to coast through - you go out to dominate. You impose your will on a man.' And he was my fight coach for a little bit, too, and I did the same thing.
I want to be the champion as soon as possible.
If you have the mentality that Jon Jones has when he steps into the cage, no one will beat you on the mat.
The money I was getting paid isn't going to do anything to help my family grow. It's not going to give us a better life when it's all over.
We train to be the best. We don't train to be mediocre.
I don't want to seem cocky like I can't lose.
I'm gonna be professional and treat everybody the same. And that's the way it should be for everybody.
I've been knocked out and I've lost, but I've won a lot more.
I've been trying to fight Rua ever since we fought in 2017 and he beat me by decision. I've been asking for that rematch forever.
I used to say I don't care about the money, that I'm fighting to be the best and I don't need the money.
I know what I can earn, I know what I can do.
We don't train to get by. You train to dominate everybody.
I've got great ground-and-pound and I'm going to use it. — © Corey Anderson
I've got great ground-and-pound and I'm going to use it.
I'm the type of person, I wake up in the morning and read my bible.
No matter who I beat or how I win, I'm not that guy who's flashy.
I don't get tired.
Fans love Johnny Walker and the UFC wants fans to get what they want because they're the ones buying the products, the pay-per-views, it's them who will make the company millions, they'll keep the money coming in.
I grew up in this sport, I got into the sport, watching GSP and his style. I definitely became a fan, because I mimicked myself after him for so long.
I've never liked people speaking for me. I want to speak for myself.
Unfortunately, whoever brings the most money for the company gets all the chances, it's not about who's the best anymore.
My show money in Bellator, I make more than I would have in the UFC winning with the Reebok sponsors and anything else I would have got.
I'm employee No. 3,467. I'm not a Jon Jones, I'm not a Conor McGregor. Guys like us, we've just got to step up to the plate when they call us and do what they ask and get it done.
In the second round, everyone knows I can keep going. — © Corey Anderson
In the second round, everyone knows I can keep going.
The game plan in every fight is to go out there and dominate.
I've been knocked out and come back.
If you're not here to be the best, then why are you even here?
I think a lot of the people feel like you need the UFC. I don't need the UFC.
That's just the way the cards fall in the UFC. It's about what's going to make them the most money. It's not about what makes the most sense.
Every champion on his way to the top had to take out a legend, and the legend I want to take out is 'Rampage.'
Family comes first.
I've lost fights and come back.
All organizations have great fighters.
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