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Cory McKay, better known by his stage name Cormega, is an American rapper from New York. He first attained notice when he was shouted out by Nas on his song "One Love", from the critically acclaimed 1994 album Illmatic. The album was released during Cormega's time in prison, but the mention sparked his career and created anticipation for his own rapping.

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I still pinch myself, I'm touring with Cormega you know what I'm saying, a few years ago I'd be sitting in my room doing whatever and listening to Cormega's albums on repeat and knowing all the words.
When I got shot I wasn't like 'yes' I got shot, now I can say that in my raps, when I got shot I said 'ouch'.
America has always been fascinated with the bad guy that's probably why I'm still here. I'm not just living off my bad guy image cuz at the end of the day nobody wants to be bad forever.
There was a whole batch of mc's that came out with me and a lot of them got more exposure than me but now a lot of them are out of the game, I'm still here, I'm a survivor so that's what makes me move the way I move.
Does freedom have a meaning if you're trapped in your ways? — © Cormega
Does freedom have a meaning if you're trapped in your ways?
You can love me or you can hate me but you can't define me.
The concept of Who Am I is following me around from 2001 to 2005, I filmed high quality videos but never really serviced them to the television so I saved those and I knew that would be an incentive for the fans.
There's people that like you and there's people that don't like you. I love it because I love the negative criticism because I always feel I have something to prove.
Rappers hate each other, not the labels that got rich, Don't care about culture, they only want profit. If your album sell slow, bet you'll get dropped quick; Q-Tip warned us: the industry's toxic. For reference, check out BDP's Sex and Violence.
Laugh now, cry later: this is the karma. Hip-hop never died, it's just sick of the drama.
Half the people on the internet are bored and they have no life.
I know that I set an example so I don't want niggas following my steps. I don't want anybody to go do the things that I did cuz for real at times I didn't even think I was gonna make it. I was hoping I didn't get killed. I don't want nobody to try to live my life.
Everybody has to play a side because if you play both sides you a snake if you not a peacemaker.
You know the old saying kill him with kindness that's the way you shut me up. With a compliment, I have nothing to prove.
Niggas on the internet know everything. You could make a freestyle tape in the fourth grade and they'll know about it.
Let me keep it 100% real with you, when there was park jams nobody rapped at a park jam when I was rapping and that's a fact. You can ask anybody don't just take my word for it do your research cuz it seems everyone wants to make themselves bigger than what they are.
I know how it is to grind, I know how it is to get up at 4 in the morning and do things, I know how it is for a label not to support you, I know how it is to be put on a shelf at a label but still keep my career alive.
90% of the people that rap are just rappers, they rap what they see, a lot of them exploit other peoples lives, I've been through it all, I don't glorify it cos when I was in jail, I wasn't like YES I'm in jail now I can say that in my rap.
Bosses respect bosses. I can't follow anyone's click unless it's benefiting me and unless they have their own vision, a lot of people that are in a certain position are there because they were in the right place at the right time not just cos they have the right movement themselves.
You know the wisdom is reflected in the knowledge when it's manifested; If not fed in due time, the mind is anorexic.
Another thing about being live or having power is having power is responsibility. When niggas respect you they respect how you move and what you are capable of doing and they follow what you do.
This is business: they don't care about your lyrics; The better you sell, the better future for their children. Controversy sells, so they support conflict, Makes more progress, means more profit. An artist gets killed, they say they're 'so sorry,' Meanwhile, they tell you the date of his next project. What a life...death made them more profit: Record companies get paid for your drama.
If rhyme is a crime, my mic is my co-defendant. — © Cormega
If rhyme is a crime, my mic is my co-defendant.
A lot of people think that it was about Biggie on the East Coast and 2Pac on the West Coast. It wasn't like that. Big ran New York. 2Pac ran America.
I'm not afraid to admit my weaknesses.
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