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Cory Bernardi

Cory Bernardi is an Australian conservative political commentator and former politician. He was a Senator for South Australia from 2006 to 2020, and was the leader of the Australian Conservatives, a minor political party he founded in 2017 but disbanded in 2019. He is a former member of the Liberal Party of Australia, having represented the party in the Senate from 2006 to 2017. Bernardi is a committed conservative Catholic Christian and author of The Conservative Revolution.

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Fear is not at the heart of Christianity nor of our nation. The very essence of Christian faith lies in forgiveness. Christians believe that Jesus died so we may live. He took upon himself our sins so that we may be forgiven and thereby gave us a model of forgiveness for others. This is a cycle that allows civility and progress in the face of man's faults and imperfectability.
I can assure you that everyone that talks to me doesn't share my views. I seem to be a barometer of public opinion.
There seems to be for a long time now a range of issues that the Australian people want to talk about, but for some reason politicians of various shapes and stripes have decided they don't want to talk about.
In America we're seeing the emergence of Donald Trump, who's the anti-establishment candidate, if you will, who's bucking all the conventional political wisdom on the basis of the fact that so many Americans feel that they've been left behind by the political system and that it's working to entrench advantage by insiders, rather than advantage the people of that country.
I've got to put forward a very strong conservative voice, advocate for conservative values and advocate for principle in politics to restore faith in politics. — © Cory Bernardi
I've got to put forward a very strong conservative voice, advocate for conservative values and advocate for principle in politics to restore faith in politics.
For all the advances in technology, science and communications, there are signs that we are failing in areas where it matters most: our personal relationships and society in general. The atomisation of society evidenced by the startling increase in recent decades of single person households and the identification of loneliness and isolation as one of our most pressing new social problems, should give us cause for concern.
What I seek to do is to establish the facts as I see them, or as I understand them, and to engage in constructive dialogue to get good outcomes.
The media, I think, have to be accountable for some of the misdirection that is put forward in politics in some of the misapprehension, maybe even some of the lack of confidence in the political process. Because the most benign, frank thought can be twisted and portrayed as something that it really wasn't intended to.
I've always said: if we ignore the issues that people want us to talk about, then you will have movements outside of the establishment political parties grow.
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